Chapter 4. Introduction to the NetSolve Client

Table of Contents
NetSolve Problem Specification
Available Client Interfaces
Problems that can be solved with NetSolve
Naming Scheme for a NetSolve problem

NetSolve Problem Specification

Solving a computational problem with NetSolve is a function evaluation:
<output> = <name>(<input>)

An object is itself described by an object type and a data type. The types available in the current version of NetSolve are shown in Table 17-1 and Table 17-2. Rather than giving examples for each object type, we refer the reader to the programs in: $NETSOLVE_ROOT/src/Examples and $NETSOLVE_ROOT/src/Testing. The user can also refer to the section called Mnemonics in Chapter 17 for a description of the requirements for each NetSolve object type as it relates to the problem description file.