Naming Scheme for a NetSolve problem

The full name of a NetSolve problem has two parts:

  1. the path, and

  2. the nickname.

Let us demonstrate this with an example. The problem nicknamed ddot, which computes the inner product of two double-precision vectors, has the full name /BLAS/Level1/ddot. This problem can be found in $NETSOLVE_ROOT/problems/blas. This full name has two purposes. First, when we display a list of problems, they are sorted alphabetically by their full name, and the problems are grouped by "directory". Second, by convention, the first element of the full name (e.g., BLAS) is the name of the numerical library containing the operation (problem). This convention has proven to be useful, as seen in the section called What is the Calling Sequence? in Chapter 5.