Problems that can be solved with NetSolve

In order for a problem to be solved (i.e., a function or library routine to be invoked) using NetSolve, there must exist a problem description file (PDF) corresponding to the problem/routine. A variety of PDFs are included with the NetSolve distribution. A user can also write his own PDF for his function, as described in Chapter 17.

The default NetSolve distribution provides only a limited subset of enabled software to test the various client interfaces. Interfaces have been written for a variety of software libraries (refer to $NETSOLVE_ROOT/problems/), but as the libraries themselves are not included in the NetSolve distribution, the library interfaces are not enabled. The user can, therefore, customize his installation to include these existing interfaces and/or new interfaces. Refer to the section called Installation on Unix Systems in Chapter 13 for further details.

It is possible to query a NetSolve agent to obtain a list and descriptions of the problems that can be solved by its respective servers. There are several ways of sending such queries.

  1. From the NetSolve homepage, it is possible to specify an agent name and run CGI scripts to obtain detailed information about NetSolve problems, including C and Fortran calling sequence specifications.

  2. Problem lists and descriptions are also directly available from the Matlab interface, the Mathematica interface, and the Java GUI.

  3. The NetSolve management tools described in Chapter 16 give access to that information from the UNIX prompt.