Testing the Windows installation

You can use the various programs in the NETSOLVE_DIR\testing directory to test your NetSolve installation. Remember that a valid NetSolve agent and server should already be running, and the required problems should be installed on the servers. Here is a list of test programs and the problems they make use of:


chartest, doubletest, inttest, stringlisttest, stringtest, totaltest




mpass, vpass, pass, multipass

For example, to perform a sample run of c_test, the user must do the following:

  1. Use setagent to point to the correct agent host

  2. Run c_test.exe

Using NetSolve from Windows Matlab

A user new to Netsolve will find the Matlab interface very simple. The matlab interface is in NETSOLVE_DIR\matlab. To access the interface

  1. Start up Matlab

  2. Click on File -> Set Path ...

  3. Add the NETSOLVE_DIR\matlab directory to the path

The interface consists of 4 NetSolve calls


Testing NetSolve within Matlab involves the following steps:


This command prints the agent and servers currently available.


This command prints the list of problems that can be solved.

Help on any call can be obtained by typing just the call on the Matlab prompt.

Using the NetSolve Management Tools in Windows

There are various tools in the NETSOLVE_DIR\tools directory that allow the user to explore the NetSolve metacomputing system.

netsolveconfig.exe [agent_name]

provides a list of agents and servers as seen by agent_name

netsolveproblems.exe [agent_name]

provides a list of problems that can be solved within the NetSolve framework as seen by agent_name