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file	na-digest/91/v91n01
for	     Help for Teaching NA
,	     IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/91/v91n02
for	     Navier-Stokes Code
,	     Address for Webb Miller
,	     Errata for Book by Stewart and Sun
,	     Roundoff Error in Nonlinear Iterative Processes
,	     Circular Splines
,	     Lotus "Household marketplace" CD-ROM
,	     Ninth Parallel Circus
,	     Special Issue of Journal of Supercomputing
,	     Some Comments on Visualization '90
,	     Position at Kent State
,	     Contents for SIAM Review

file	na-digest/91/v91n03
for	     Seminar on Applied Mathematics, Venice 91
,	     Grid Selection with Boundary Layers
,	     The 8 Queens Problem
,	     Oxford Meeting on Parallel Computation
,	     Netlib News
,	     SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing
,	     Neural Net Course and Conference

file	na-digest/91/v91n04
for	     Need Help Finding Vicsek and Hegedus
,	     Richard Brent Elected IEEE Fellow
,	     Change of Address for CU Denver
,	     Strang's New Calculus Book
,	     Lotus "Household marketplace" Cancelled
,	     Hans Lewy Postdoctoral Fellowships at LBL
,	     Complexity Issues for Numerical Optimization

file	na-digest/91/v91n05
for	     New Book on Solving Linear Systems
,	     Cyclic Reduction Software
,	     Node Renumbering Schemes
,	     Financial Calculations
,	     SIAM Student Paper Competition
,	     Ninth Parallel Circus
,	     Multigrid Conference at George Washington University
,	     Second Annual Midwest NA Day
,	     Conference in Italy on Parallel Methods for ODEs
,	     SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
,	     Position at University of Tulsa
,	     Position at Northern Illinois University
,	     Visiting Research Positions at RIACS

file	na-digest/91/v91n06
for	     SIAG/LA Prize
,	     Programs Which Use LINPACK
,	     Optimization Servers for Workstations
,	     Three Dimensional Grid Generation
,	     SPIE Conference on Signal Processing
,	     Summer Semester in Finland
,	     Workshop on Automatic Differentiation
,	     Position at University of Leeds, U.K.
,	     Position at Kent State University
,	     Position in Computational Mathematics at AFOSR
,	     Contents, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
,	     Contents, SIAM Journal on Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n07
for	     1991 Householder Fellow Named
,	     Two Matrix Questions
,	     Postdoc Position at Cornell
,	     Board on Mathematical Sciences
,	     Call for Images
,	     CTAC91, Computational Techniques and Applications
,	     Conference on Computational Issues in Nonlinear Science

file	na-digest/91/v91n08
for	     NA-Net's Expansion
,	     Congratulations to Joe Traub
,	     New Book by David Watkins
,	     Adaptive Mesh Refinement Techniques
,	     Solution of Block Toeplitz Linear System
,	     Seeking Recent Version of PITCON
,	     Sparse Least Square Solvers
,	     Department Head Position at University of Akron
,	     International Linear Algebra Society
,	     Workshop on Analytic, Intelligent and Database Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n09
for	     Congratulations to J-L Lions
,	     E-mail to Eastern Europe
,	     New Address for Mike Heath
,	     Change of Address for Jim Cooley
,	     Bibtex Reference Base Available
,	     Numerical Methods in Smalltalk
,	     Public Domain ODE Boundary Value Programs
,	     Information Sought on Parallel Computers
,	     SVD in C or C++
,	     Solid Dynamics Code Available
,	     Job Openings at MathWorks 
,	     Position at the University of Tennessee
,	     Positions at George Mason University
,	     Positions at Australian National University
,	     Grants and Scholarships at RMCS, Shrivenham, England
,	     Barrett Lectures at the Univ. of Tennessee
,	     MAPLE Course
,	     SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing
,	     Computational Experiments for Numerical Analysis Instruction
,	     Program to Honor Garrett Birkhoff

file	na-digest/91/v91n10
for	     Information About Finite Element Software
,	     Numerical Solution of Time Delayed Differential Equations
,	     Large Dimensional Dynamic Models
,	     SLICOT, Software Library for Control Theory
,	     IMACS International Symposium on Iterative Methods in Linear 
,	Algebra
,	     Multigrid Short Course

file	na-digest/91/v91n11
for	     Information on Network Resource Allocation Software
,	     Pari-1.35 for Computational Number Theory
,	     Position at Apple
,	     Summer internships at Apple
,	     Position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory
,	     Multigrid Short Course
,	     5th Copper Mountain Multigrid Conference
,	     Supercomputing '91 Deadlines
,	     Parallel CFD '91
,	     Contents, SIAM Review
,	     Contents, SIAM Control and Optimization
,	     Contents, SIAM Matrix Analysis

file	na-digest/91/v91n12
for	     A Wonderful Report
,	     Applied Math Is ... 
,	     Reciprocal Pythagorean Sums
,	     Query About Floating Point Models
,	     First Annual Large Dense Linear System Survey
,	     Request for Domain Decomposition Bibliography
,	     Venice Summer School on Applied Mathematics
,	     Workshop for Industry in Venice
,	     Positions at Delft University of Tehcnology
,	     Positions at Australian National University
,	     Professur C4 fuer Mathematik in Aachen
,	     Contents, Linear Algebra and Its Applications

file	na-digest/91/v91n13
for	     Fast N-dody Code Wanted
,	     Bessel Functions with Imaginary Index
,	     High Precision Arithmetic
,	     ICS'91 Advance Program
,	     ILAS 108 - Workshop
,	     Position at NIST in Boulder, CO
,	     Job Opening at Simon Fraser University

file	na-digest/91/v91n14
for	     NA Enhancements of Application Packages
,	     Software to Visualize Stability Regions
,	     Eigenvalues for Banded Non-symmetric Matrices
,	     Real Applications of Numerical Analysis Sought
,	     Virginia Computer Users' Conference Announcement
,	     The Electronic Software Library eLib
,	     New Soviet Journal
,	     Contents: Linear Algebra and Applications
,	     Contents: SIAM Scientific and Statistical Computing
,	     Contents: SIAM Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n15
for	     NA Net List Tops 2000 Names
,	     Splines in Sailmaking
,	     New Book by Golub and Ortega
,	     New Book from SIAM
,	     The First Annual Large Dense Linear System Survey  
,	     Douglas Arnold Wins Giovanni Sacchi Landriani Prize
,	     Finite Element Methods for 3D Diffusion Equation
,	     Shampine/Gordon Integrator in C
,	     Software for Hypergeometric Function Sought
,	     Software for Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions Sought
,	     Some Remarks on Reciprocal Pythagorean Sums
,	     The Toeplitz Lectures in Tel Aviv
,	     Computational Science Workshop at Los Alamos
,	     Workshop on Symbolic and Numeric Computing, Helsinki
,	     Kahaner Report from Japan
,	     SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra
,	     2nd Annual Midwest NA day
,	     CERFACS Short Course
,	     Contents: IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/91/v91n16
for	     Last Call for SIAG/LA Prize
,	     Sparse Solvers for Overdetemrined Systems
,	     Block Tridiagonal Matrices
,	     Shampine/Gordon Integrator in C
,	     C Source for a Stiff ODE Integrator
,	     Three Measures of Precision in Floating Point Arithmetic
,	     Meeting on Mathematics, Computations, and Reactor Physics
,	     Second NIU Conference
,	     Position at the University of Auckland
,	     Postgraduate Opportunity at University of Durham
,	     Position at Centenary College of Louisiana
,	     Position at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory

file	na-digest/91/v91n17
for	     Netlib/NA-Net Machine Will Be Down a Few Days
,	     Stone's Strongly Implicit Procedure
,	     Solving a Nonlinear Initial BVP
,	     References Sought for Parallel SOR
,	     2nd Annual Midwest NA Day
,	     New Measures of Precision in Floating-Point Arithmetic

file	na-digest/91/v91n18
for	     Parallel Algorithms for Optimization
,	     Software Request, Constrained Minimization
,	     Describing Floating Point Arithmetic
,	     Numerical ODEs Mailing List
,	     Interpolation on a Large Grid
,	     Association for Women in Mathematics
,	     Contents: Linear Algebra and Applications
,	     New Journal: Computational and Graphical Statistics
,	     Midwest NA Day, Final Announcement

file	na-digest/91/v91n19
for	     Hamilton Jacobi Equation
,	     Looking for Gear's Method for MATLAB
,	     High Dimensional Integration
,	     Mathieu Functions
,	     SIAM Supercomputer Newsletter
,	     MGNet (Multigrid Network) Announcement
,	     Summary of Sparse Least Squares Response

file	na-digest/91/v91n20
for	     Preregistration Deadline for ICIAM 91
,	     Alexandre Chorin Elected to NAS
,	     Prof. Dr. Hansjoerg Wacker
,	     Advice on Scientific Workstations Sought
,	     Non-separable Elliptic PDE Solver
,	     Very Fast Poisson Solvers
,	     Vectorized Spherical Harmonics Routine
,	     Iterative Method for Sparse Least Squares Problems
,	     Computational Experiments for Numerical Analysis Instruction
,	     Fox Prize, 1991
,	     Parallel Numerical Analysis Workshop

file	na-digest/91/v91n21
for	     NA Net Whitepages Facility
,	     Housing at ICIAM meeting
,	     D. H. Lehmer
,	     Do Approximate Methods for Singular Value Decomposition Exist?
,	     Separable Least Squares: Seeking Fastest Method
,	     Volume II on Stiff and Differential-Algebraic Problems
,	     ILAS Seed Grants 
,	     Student Position at Shrivehnam and NPL
,	     Hensinki Workshop on Symbolic and Numeric Computation
,	     Eighth Conference on Computing in Civil Engineering
,	     Supercomputing Symposium in Fukuoka
,	     Multigrid/Domain Decomposition Workshop

file	na-digest/91/v91n22
for	     Change of Address for Michael Berry
,	     Using Conjugate Gradient for Navier Stokes
,	     LSODA (ODE integration) Request
,	     Looking for Strassen's Methods
,	     Constrained Non-linear Optimization
,	     New Book by Yves Robert
,	     Special Session on Numerical Linear Algebra
,	     Postdoctoral Fellowship at LBL
,	     Proceedings of ILIAM VIII
,	     Table of Contents: Linear Algebra and Its Applications
,	     Table of Contents: SIAM Scientific and Statistical Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n23
for	     Looking for Very Large, Unsymmetric, Sparse Matrices
,	     Boundary Element Method
,	     Question on Non-Linear Least Squares
,	     SVD and Signal Processing Book Available
,	     New Edition of Lambert's ODE book
,	     Vacant Position at Brussels Free University
,	     Opening for Contract Software Tester
,	     Dundee Conference Talks
,	     Parallel Numerical Analysis Workshop
,	     Symposium on Computer Arithmetic
,	     Conference in Italy on Domain Decomposition
,	     Conference in France on High Performance Computing
,	     Guidelines for The Hans Schneider Prize

file	na-digest/91/v91n24
for	     Enhancements to the NA-NET Whitepages.
,	     Magnus Hestenes
,	     Matrix Exponential Code Wanted, #1
,	     Matrix Exponential Code Wanted, #2
,	     FFT in 386 Assembly Language Wanted
,	     PICL Update
,	     Position Wanted
,	     Position at University of Leicester
,	     SERC Research Studentship at Manchester
,	     Seminar on Incomplete Decompositions
,	     Table of Contents: SIAM J. Appl. Math.
,	     Table of Contents: SIAM Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n25
for	     Sparse Matix Eigenvals: Lanczos vs. Householder?
,	     Contents: Linear Algebra and Its Applications
,	     2nd ILAS Meeting

file	na-digest/91/v91n26
for	     Arnoldi's method.
,	     Change of Address Paul Van Dooren
,	     PRLB Going Down .. Forever
,	     Maybe We Should Call It "Lagrangian Elimination"
,	     Special Issue of LAA
,	     Contents: SIAM Review
,	     IUTAM Symposium on Inverse Problems

file	na-digest/91/v91n27
for	     Gene Golub Honored at Midwest NA Day
,	     Is Someone Taking This Down?
,	     Conference on Discrete Algorithms
,	     EuroBen Benchmarking Workshop
,	     Conference on Algorithms for Approximation
,	     Surveys on Mathematics for Industry
,	     Contents of IMA Journal Numerical Analysis
,	     Report on Multigrid Conference

file	na-digest/91/v91n28
for	     Diffusion Problem in Anisotropic Media
,	     Request for Systems of Linear Equations
,	     International Joint Research
,	     Fox Prize Meeting 1991

file	na-digest/91/v91n29
for	     Applied Linear Algebra Year
,	     Change of Address for Linda Petzold
,	     Methods for Parabolic Equations on (0,inf).
,	     Timing Routine for the RS6000
,	     Position at Johannes Kepler Universitaet
,	     Chair in Operations Research at Auckland
,	     Conference Parallel Computing 91, London, 3-6 Sept. 91
,	     Contents: SIAM Matrix Analysis and Applications
,	     Contents: SIAM Control and Optimization
,	     Contents: SIAM Scientific and Statistical Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n30
for	     Wilkinson Prize to Petzold and to Tang
,	     Change of Address for Ahmed Sameh
,	     Restoration of Addresses for Loyce Adams and Randy LeVeque
,	     SVD for Banded Matrices
,	     Multigrid and CFD
,	     Need Access to a 64k processor CM2
,	     e-MATH Available from AMS
,	     SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra
,	     Course in Germany on Simulation
,	     Ada on Super-Computers Workshop
,	     Contents: SIAM J. Math. Anal.

file	na-digest/91/v91n31
for	     Restoration of Address for Liz Jessup
,	     David Watkins is on the Road
,	     Problems for Networks with Gains and Losses
,	     Discrete Sine Transforms 
,	     Fractal Dimension Code Request
,	     Looking for a Research Assistant
,	     Report on Dundee Numerical Analysis Conference
,	     Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods
,	     IMA Conference on Parallel Computation
,	     CRA Committee on the Status of Women in Computer Science

file	na-digest/91/v91n32
for	     Correction to Report on Dundee Conference
,	     Square Roots of Matrices
,	     SIAM Manuscript Submittal
,	     Comments on Parallel Programming
,	     IMA Workshop on Graph Theory and Sparse Matrix Computation
,	     Research Posts and Collaborations at CRS4, Sardinia
,	     Position Available at Oak Ridge
,	     Request for Papers, Supercomputer Applications
,	     Contents, SIAM J. Applied Mathematics
,	     Linear Algebra and Its Applications

file	na-digest/91/v91n33
for	     Change of address for Doug Meade
,	     Clarification of Florida Research Position
,	     IEEE Arithmetic Stinks
,	     Book on Total Least Squares
,	     Tenth Parallel Circus at Oak Ridge
,	     Ninth Parallel Circus Summary
,	     Contents: SIAM J. Optimization
,	     Contents: SIAM J. Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n34
for	     Cubic & Quartic Equation Solvers
,	     GMRES Fortran Code
,	     UGLY Optimization Problems Wanted
,	     SIAM Conference in Minneapolis
,	     Does IEEE Arithmetic Stink?
,	     IEEE Arithmetic Stinks Less Than ...
,	     IEEE Arithmetic
,	     Japanese Receive US Researchers
,	     Postdoc Position at ORNL
,	     Workshop on Total Least Squares
,	     Pacific N.W. Numerical Analysis Seminar
,	     Netlib News: Big Files

file	na-digest/91/v91n35
for	     SLI vs IEEE arithmetic
,	     C Language Interface to the BLAS
,	     Restoration of Address for Cecilia Jea
,	     Change of Address for Jorg Peters
,	     New Address for Lothar Reichel
,	     Change of Address for Richard Brualdi
,	     IMA Applied Linear Algebra Year Begins
,	     Special Issue of LAA Honoring Ingram Olkin
,	     Rules for Bell Prize
,	     New Journal -- Interval Mathematics
,	     IMACS Symposium in Bangalore, India
,	     Cubic Roots Formula
,	     Position at Virginia Tech
,	     Postions at New South Wales

file	na-digest/91/v91n36
for	     Can you be "fingered"?
,	     Retarded Differential Equations
,	     Hyperbolic PDEs
,	     SLI vs Floating-point
,	     Position Available in Santa Monica
,	     Position Available at Leeds
,	     Research Fellowships at Sandia, Albuquerque
,	     AMS Session on Numerical Linear Algebra
,	     Contents: Surveys on Mathematics for Industry
,	     Symposium in Greece on Method of Lines
,	     IMA Sparse Matrix Workshop
,	     Nigeria Meeting

file	na-digest/91/v91n37
for	     New Address for P.M. Pardalos
,	     Change of Address for Andy Cleary
,	     Sparse LP Software Sought
,	     Collocation of 1st Kind Integral Equations
,	     FEM Information Requested
,	     Non-linear Least Squares Package in C
,	     Software for Sparse Linear Programming
,	     Fingering, Gambling, and Pythagoreas
,	     Position at the Universitaet Tuebingen (Germany)
,	     Position at Carnegie Mellon
,	     6th Domain Decomposition Conference
,	     Contents, SIAM J. Control and Optimization

file	na-digest/91/v91n38
for	     Meeting in Honor of Golub's 15th Birthday
,	     Request for References on a MinMax Problem
,	     First Annual Large Dense Linear System Survey
,	     Nonlinear Regression
,	     New Address for Murray Kirch
,	     Recommendations for ODE Software
,	     Wilkinson Fellowship in Scientific Computing
,	     Visualization '91
,	     Summer School at Lancaster 1992
,	     Robert Todd Gregory Memorial Lecture

file	na-digest/91/v91n39
for	     Changed address for Sven-Ake Gustafson
,	     New Address for Alfio Quarteroni
,	     New Address for Angelika Bunse-Gerstner 
,	     Student Support for Parallel Circus
,	     Looking for a Research Position
,	     Journal Refereeing is Breaking Down
,	     3-level block-Toeplitz solver
,	     6th ACM Conference on Supercomputing
,	     FTPing Technical Reports
,	     Matrix Calculator with C Syntax
,	     Errata to "Numerical Recipes" by Press et all
,	     Special Issue of "Computing" for H.-J. Wacker
,	     Positions at the University of Minnesota.
,	     Householder Fellowship at Oak Ridge
,	     On the Odor of IEEE Arithmetic

file	na-digest/91/v91n40
for	     NA-NET Whitepages
,	     Journal of Computational Physics Editors Resign
,	     Change of Address for Brian C. Morris
,	     Re: Journal Refereeing is Breaking Down
,	     Refereeing Delays
,	     Journal Refereeing
,	     Journal Refereeing is Breaking Down
,	     Fortran Code for NETFLO
,	     Numerical Recipes Algorithms
,	     Harwell Subroutine Library
,	     Tech Reports Available on Anonymous ftp
,	     Bibliography on Non-normal Matrices and Pseudospectra
,	     Second Announcement of the Tenth Parallel Circus
,	     Symposium on Matrix Analysis and Applications
,	     Openings for Postdocs and R.A.'s at Minnesota
,	     CFD Position at the University of Kentucky
,	     New Journal in Computational Optimization
,	     Ron Mitchell Issue of IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis
,	     Scalable High Performance Computing Conference
,	     Hestenes Memorial Symposium
,	     Copper Mountain Conference on Iterative Methods
,	     Tutorial on Polynomial Iterative Methods
,	     IMACS Conference on PDE's
,	     Mini-Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
,	     Permian Basin Supercomputing Conference

file	na-digest/91/v91n41
for	     New address for June Donato
,	     Phone Numbers at U. British Columbia
,	     Bay Area NA Day
,	     LP Codes and Call for Information
,	     Adaptive Methods for PDEs
,	     Information Sought About "Gold Codes" 
,	     More on Refereeing
,	     About Journal Refereeing
,	     More on Breakdown of the Refereeing Process
,	     Journal of Computational Physics Editors
,	     SIAM Conference on Optimization
,	     Workshop in Numerical Ranges and Radii

file	na-digest/91/v91n42
for	     ODE Test Problems
,	     Directorship at ICASE
,	     Referees Do Have Some Leverage
,	     Journal Refereeing
,	     Proposal Reviewing
,	     LAA Special Issue Honoring Marvin Marcus
,	     IEEE & SLI Arithmetics
,	     ICFD Conference on Fluid Dynamics
,	     Minnesota IMA Workshop
,	     1993 Conference on Interval Methods
,	     IMPA Summer Workshop in Rio de Janeiro
,	     Symposium on Massively Parallel Computation
,	     Table of Contents, SIAM Applied Mathematics
,	     Table of Contents, SIAM Scientifc and Statistical Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n43
for	     Complete Pivoting Conjecture Rumors
,	     Who's Got the Best Arithmetic?
,	     Special Sessions at AMS Meetings
,	     Magnus Hestenes Memorial Symposium
,	     SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing
,	     Student Volunteers for SUPERCOMPUTING '91
,	     Parallel Problem Solving from Nature
,	     ACM Conference on Supercomputing
,	     Table of Contents, SIAM Scientific and Statistical Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n44
for	     Need Integration and Hankel Function Routines
,	     RKF45 in C
,	     New Book by Steve Vavasis
,	     Large Sparse Linear Least Squares
,	     References on Parallel and Vector Computing
,	     Celebration for Gene Golub
,	     Proceedings of Symposium on Discrete Algorithms
,	     Bulgarian Mathemtician Looks for a Position
,	     London Meeting on Cellular Automata
,	     Utah Workshop in Distributed Computing 
,	     Domain Decomposition Mini-conference
,	     Faculty Position at Boston University
,	     Mathematics Chair Position at the Naval Postgraduate School
,	     Contents, Linear Algebra and Applications

file	na-digest/91/v91n45
for	     Legendre's Associated Functions
,	     Change of Address for Phuong Vu
,	     Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs in Scientific Computation
,	     NETLIB Bestsellers
,	     Abstracts Due for SIAM Discrete Math Meeting
,	     C++ Codes for Range Arithmetic Available
,	     Bay Area NA Day at Berkeley
,	     Domain Decomposition Conference at University of Kentucky
,	     Workshop in Winnipeg on Matrix Computations and Applications
,	     SIAM Student Paper Competition
,	     SIAG/LA Officer Nominees
,	     Positions at Southern Methodist University
,	     Position Announcement, Drexel University
,	     Contents, Linear Algebra and Applications
,	     Contents, SIAM Control and Optimization
,	     Contents, SIAM Optimization

file	na-digest/91/v91n46
for	     Solving Polynomial Systems
,	     SDSU Undergrad Curriculum in Supercomputing
,	     IMACS Proceedings on Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra
,	     Scalable High Performance Computing Conference
,	     International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
,	     NASECODE VIII International Conference
,	     Position at Queen's University, Kingston
,	     Fellowship at Sandia National Laboratories
,	     Position in Parallel Computation, Indiana University
,	     Department Chair Position at SMU
,	     Postdoctoral Fellowships from NSF
,	     Contents, SIAM Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/91/v91n47
for	     Change of Address for Sam Eldersveld
,	     Helmholtz Solver
,	     Finding Saddlepoints
,	     Honorary Doctorate for Richard Varga
,	     SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics
,	     ICFD Conference Abstracts - last call
,	     Correction: Permian Basin Supercomputing Conference
,	     NO Mathematics Chair Position at Naval Postgraduate School
,	     Position at Northwestern University
,	     Position at Montana State
,	     Symposium on Orthogonal Polynomials
,	     Workshop on Matrix Methods in Statistics
,	     1ST African Conference in Computer Science
,	     Contents, SIAM Scientific and Statistical Computing

file	na-digest/91/v91n48
for	     SIAM Announces Internet Connection
,	     Need Faster Exponential Function Approximation
,	     New Book: Boundary and Interior Layers
,	     Position at Western Illinois University
,	     Position at the Australian National University
,	     Visualization '92
,	     Announcing Allerton Conference 1992
,	     Algorithms for Approximation, 1992
,	     Neural and Stochastic Methods in Image and Signal Processing

file	na-digest/91/v91n49
for	     More on "Fingering"
,	     Test Version of Xnetlib Available
,	     The Definition of Numerical Analysis
,	     Results of the 1991 SIAM Election
,	     Technical Reports Available by FTP
,	     Bath-Bristol Numerical Analysis Day
,	     Applied Math Conference in Raba, 15-17 July, 1992
,	     NA Meeting in Bulgaria
,	     Linear Algebra Curriculum Study Group
,	     Information Sought on Message Passing Systems
,	     High Performance Computing in Health Sciences
,	     Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management
,	     Conference on Mathematics in Signal Processing
,	     NASECODE VIII Announcement
,	     Special Issue on Computer Aided Geometric Design
,	     NATO Institute on Linear Algebra
,	     Position at University of Durham
,	     Position at Sandia National Laboratories
,	     Contents, SIAM Mathematical Analysis

file	na-digest/91/v91n50
for	     Transportation LP for PC
,	     Multi-dimensional Runge-Kutta code in C
,	     New Book on Linear Quadratic Control
,	     University of Waterloo Technical Reports
,	     IMA Workshop on Linear Algebra
,	     Conference Honoring Parlett and Kahan at Berkeley
,	     Copper Mountain Reminder
,	     Conference in Japan on Materials and Molecular Science
,	     Appalachian Numerical Analysis Day
,	     Fifth Annual IMSL User Group Europe
,	     Positions at University of Lyon
,	     Contents: SIAM Applied Mathematics

file	na-digest/91/v91n51
for	     Book on INA by Hestenes and Todd
,	     Bit Reversal Citations
,	     A Question in Interpolation
,	     Pade Approximants
,	     Change of E-mail Address for Volker Mehrmann
,	     New Book on Fast Solver for Large Sparse Systems
,	     SEAS-SIAM meeting in Huntsville
,	     Parallel CFD '92
,	     Fifth Annual IMSL User Group North America
,	     Conference in Tokyo on Visual Computing
,	     Postdoc Position at ETH
,	     Position at University of New South Wales
,	     Contents, SIAM Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/91/v91n52
for	     Greetings!
,	     Temporary Change of Address for Pete Stewart
,	     Bit Reversal Citations
,	     Bit Reversal for FFTs
,	     New Book on Global Optimization
,	     Short Course on Large Scale Scientific Computing
,	     Extended Deadline For PBSC 1992