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file readme
for important notes on the PORT library
, Note that dxxxxx.f is the double-precision version of xxxxx.f.
, To get all of the publicly available portion of the PORT library,
, direct your browser to http://netlib.sandia.gov/master/index.html
, and, in the line "lib: port (tar)", click "tar".  You will then
, be able to download netlibfiles.tar.  Executing
, tar xf netlibfiles.tar
, cd port
, gzip -dN *.gz
, will recover all the files in the netlib/port directory, most of
, which are  gzipped.
, Also: port/readme points to "Usage Summary for Selected Optimization
, Routines", sometimes known as PORT OPTIMIZATION DOCUMENTATION in
, http://netlib.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/cstr/153.ps.gz
, or http://netlib.bell-labs.com/cm/cs/cstr/153.pdf

file a0xtrp.f

file a7sst.f

file a9rntc.f

file a9rntd.f

file a9rnti.f

file a9rntl.f

file a9rntr.f

file aprntc.f
for complex array print

file aprntd.f
for double precision array print

file aprnti.f
for integer array print

file aprntl.f
for logical array print

file aprntr.f
for single precision array print

file c7vfn.f

file call.f

file cddiv.f

file changes
for errata

file d0xtrp.f

file d1mach.f
for double-precision machine constants

file d4sqr.f

file d7dgb.f

file d7dog.f

file d7dup.f

file d7egr.f

file d7mlp.f

file d7tpr.f

file d7upd.f

file da7sst.f

file dalloc.f

file dc7vfn.f

file dd4sqr.f

file dd7dgb.f

file dd7dog.f

file dd7dup.f

file dd7mlp.f

file dd7tpr.f

file dd7upd.f

file deigen.f

file df7dhb.f

file df7hes.f

file dg7itb.f

file dg7lit.f

file dg7qsb.f

file dg7qts.f

file dh2rfa.f

file dh2rfg.f

file dhqr2.f

file ditsum.f

file divset.f

file dl7itv.f

file dl7ivm.f

file dl7msb.f

file dl7mst.f

file dl7nvr.f

file dl7sqr.f

file dl7srt.f

file dl7svn.f

file dl7svx.f

file dl7tsq.f

file dl7tvm.f

file dl7upd.f

file dl7vml.f

file dmnf.f

file dmnfb.f

file dmng.f

file dmngb.f

file dmnh.f

file dmnhb.f

file dn2cvp.f

file dn2f.f

file dn2fb.f

file dn2g.f

file dn2gb.f

file dn2lrd.f

file dn2p.f

file dn2pb.f

file dn2rdp.f

file dnsf.f

file dnsfb.f

file dnsg.f

file dnsgb.f

file do7prd.f

file dorthe.f

file dortra.f

file dparck.f

file dpostx1.f

file dpostx10.f

file dpostx2.f

file dpostx3.f

file dpostx4.f

file dpostx5.f

file dpostx6.f

file dpostx7.f

file dpostx8.f

file dpostx9.f

file dq7apl.f

file dq7rad.f

file dq7rfh.f

file dq7rsh.f

file dr7mdc.f

file dr7tvm.f

file drldst.f

file drmnf.f

file drmnfb.f

file drmng.f

file drmngb.f

file drmnh.f

file drmnhb.f

file drn2g.f

file drn2gb.f

file drnsg.f

file drnsgb.f

file ds3grd.f

file ds7bqn.f

file ds7cpr.f

file ds7dmp.f

file ds7grd.f

file ds7ipr.f

file ds7lup.f

file ds7lvm.f

file dsm.f

file dttgrx1.f

file dttgrx1p.f

file dttgrx2.f

file dttgrx3.f

file dttgrx4.f

file dttgrx5.f

file dttgrx6.f

file dttgux1.f

file dttgux1p.f

file dttgux2.f

file dttgux3.f

file dttgux4.f

file dttgux5.f

file dv2axy.f

file dv2nrm.f

file dv7cpy.f

file dv7dfl.f

file dv7ipr.f

file dv7prm.f

file dv7scl.f

file dv7scp.f

file dv7shf.f

file dv7swp.f

file dv7vmp.f

file dw7zbf.f

file dxtrap.f

file dzero.f

file e9rint.f

file eigen.f
for eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a general real matrix

file enter.f
for save current error recovery mode and storage allocation status

file entsrc.f
for test and set recovery mode (entry)

file eprint.f
for print error message

file erroff.f
for cancel error state

file f7dhb.f

file f7hes.f

file fdump.f

file frmatd.f

file frmati.f

file frmatr.f

file g7itb.f

file g7lit.f

file g7qsb.f

file g7qts.f

file h2rfa.f

file h2rfg.f

file hqr2.f

file i0tk00.f

file i0tk01.f

file i10wid.f

file i1mach.f
for integer machine constants

file i7copy.f

file i7do.f

file i7mdcn.f

file i7pnvr.f

file i7shft.f

file i8save.f

file i8tsel.f

file ialloc.f

file iceil.f

file iflr.f

file istkgt.f
for get storage from stack

file istkin.f
for initialize stack

file istkmd.f
for modify length of last stack allocation

file istkqu.f
for query the amount of space left in the stack

file istkrl.f
for release stack storage

file istkst.f
for obtain stack statistics

file itsum.f

file ivset.f

file l5stp.f

file l7itv.f

file l7ivm.f

file l7msb.f

file l7mst.f

file l7nvr.f

file l7sqr.f

file l7srt.f

file l7svn.f

file l7svx.f

file l7tsq.f

file l7tvm.f

file l7upd.f

file l7vml.f

file leave.f
for restore prior error recovery mode and reset stack

file m7seq.f

file m7slo.f

file mnf.f
for general optimization

file mnfb.f
for general optimization, simple bounds

file mng.f
for general optimization, needs gradient

file mngb.f
for general optimization, needs gradient, simple bounds

file mnh.f
for general optimization, needs gradient and Hessian

file mnhb.f
for general optimization, needs gradient and Hessian, simple bounds

file movebc.f

file movebd.f

file movebi.f

file movebl.f

file movebr.f

file movefc.f

file movefd.f

file movefi.f

file movefl.f

file movefr.f

file mtstak.f

file n2cvp.f

file n2f.f

file n2fb.f

file n2g.f

file n2gb.f

file n2lrd.f

file n2p.f

file n2pb.f

file n2rdp.f

file n7msrt.f

file nerror.f
for get error number

file nirall.f

file nsf.f
for nonlinear separable least squares  (update of nl2sno)
keywords optimization

file nsfb.f
for nonlinear separable least squares, simple bounds
keywords optimization

file nsg.f
for nonlinear separable least squares, needs Jacobian  (update of nl2sol)
keywords optimization

file nsgb.f
for nonlinear separable least squares, needs Jacobian, simple bounds
keywords optimization

file o7prd.f

file orthe.f

file ortra.f

file parck.f

file postx1.f

file postx10.f

file postx2.f

file postx3.f

file postx4.f

file postx5.f

file postx6.f

file postx7.f

file postx8.f

file postx9.f

file q7apl.f

file q7rad.f

file q7rfh.f

file q7rsh.f

file r1mach.f
for real (single-precision) machine constants

file r7mdc.f

file r7tvm.f

file retsrc.f
for test and reset recovery mode (return)

file rldst.f

for storage economizing FFT for real data

file rmnf.f
for reverse communication version of MNF
keywords optimization

file rmnfb.f
for reverse communication version of MNFB
keywords optimization

file rmng.f
for reverse communication version of MNG
keywords optimization

file rmngb.f
for reverse communication version of MNGB
keywords optimization

file rmnh.f
for reverse communication version of MNH
keywords optimization

file rmnhb.f
for reverse communication version of MNHB
keywords optimization

file rn2g.f
for reverse communication version of N2G
keywords optimization

file rn2gb.f
for reverse communication version of N2GB
keywords optimization

file rnsg.f
for reverse communication version of NSG
keywords optimization

file rnsgb.f
for reverse communication version of NSGB
keywords optimization

for zeros of real polynomials

file s1mach.f

file s2mach.f

file s3grd.f

file s3mach.f

file s7bqn.f

file s7cpr.f

file s7dmp.f

file s7etr.f

file s7grd.f

file s7ipr.f

file s7lup.f

file s7lvm.f

file s7rtdt.f

file s88fmt.f

file sdump.f

file setc.f

file setd.f

file seterr.f
for error handling

file seti.f

file setl.f

file setr.f

file srecap.f

for apply a plane rotation to a vector

for construct Givens plane rotation

file stinit.f

file stkdmp.f
for stack dump

file stopx.f

file ttgrx1.f

file ttgrx1p.f

file ttgrx2.f

file ttgrx3.f

file ttgrx4.f

file ttgrx5.f

file ttgrx6.f

file ttgux1.f

file ttgux1p.f

file ttgux2.f

file ttgux3.f

file ttgux4.f

file ttgux5.f

file u9dmp.f

file v2axy.f

file v2nrm.f

file v7cpy.f

file v7dfl.f

file v7ipr.f

file v7prm.f

file v7scl.f

file v7scp.f

file v7shf.f

file v7swp.f

file v7vmp.f

file w7zbf.f

file xtrap.f

file zero.f
for single real root

lib Mach
for obsolete versions of machine constants

lib chk
for drivers to verify proper installation of port

lib ex
for example drivers

lib prop.upd
for updated versions of some routines in the proprietary portion of
, the PORT3 subroutine library -- for the convenience of people who
, got the whole PORT3 library before these routines were updated.

file c6lcf.f

file dc6lcf.f

file c6lcf.f

file dc6lcf.f

file smnfb.f

file dsmnfb.f