file	readme
,	pointing out that this directory contains updated versions
,	of some routines in the proprietary portion of the PORT3
,	subroutine library -- for the convenience of people who
,	got the whole PORT3 library before these routines were updated.

file	b1slc.f

file	b1slr.f

file	besci.f

file	bescj.f

file	besri.f

file	besrj.f

file	d1rply.f

file	d2rply.f

file	d3rply.f

file	d4rply.f

file	d5rply.f

file	d6rply.f

file	d7rply.f

file	d8rply.f

file	d9rply.f

file	db1slc.f

file	db1slr.f

file	dbesci.f

file	dbescj.f

file	dbesri.f

file	dbesrj.f

file	df1ft.f

file	dfft.f

file	dfmin.f

file	drltr.f

file	drot.f

file	drotg.f

file	drpoly.f

file	ds4rot.f

file	f1ft.f

file	fft.f

file	fmin.f

file	r1rply.f

file	r2rply.f

file	r3rply.f

file	r4rply.f

file	r5rply.f

file	r6rply.f

file	r7rply.f

file	r8rply.f

file	r9rply.f

file	rltr.f

file	rpoly.f

file	srot.f

file	srot2.f

file	srotg.f