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file	na-digest/89/v89n01
,	     Complexity of Approximately Solved Problems
,	     Numerical Solution of Markov Chains
,	     Conference on Numerical Combustion
,	     SIAM Student Competition
,	     Positions in Supercomputing at NASA Ames
,	     Numerical Computation Position at U. Colorado
,	     Random Story

file	na-digest/89/v89n02
,	      Errata Sheet for Kahaner, Moler and Nash
,	      Change of Address for Nancy Nichols
,	      Unsymmetric Lanczos
,	      Finite Differences Applied to Boundary Value Problems
,	      Info/code wanted on Patankar's SIMPLER model
,	      SIAM Upcoming Conferences
,	      Non-linear Unconstrained Optimization in Control
,	      Jenkins-Traub Algorithm for Polynomial Zeros
,	      New Book Series on Scientific Computing
,	      Positions at Boeing Computer Services
,	      Position in Computation at ARO

file	na-digest/89/v89n03
,	     Hough's Random Story Explained
,	     Hough's Random Story and IEEE Denormals
,	     SIAM Sparse Matrix Meeting Abstracts Deadline
,	     Sparse Mountain Climbing
,	     Scientific Director in Finland
,	     Complexity of Approximately Solved Problems
,	     Binary Integer Programming Problems
,	     Conference Honoring C. Radhakrishna Rao
,	     Symposium on Automatic Groups at JvNC

file	na-digest/89/v89n04
,	     Leslie Fox Prize
,	     LAA Special Issue
,	     Salary Surveys on Numerical Analysts
,	     Differentiating Rational Approximants
,	     Request for Classic Problems and Open Questions
,	     SIAM Conference on Geophysical Fluid and Solid Mechanics
,	     Quadratic and Non-Linear Programming
,	     Summer Positions at RIACS
,	     Polynomial Root Finders
,	     Room Sharing at Sparse Matrix Symposium

file	na-digest/89/v89n05
,	     Elementary Function Test Routines in C
,	     Complex Arithmetic in C
,	     Information for the SIAG/LA Newsletter

file	na-digest/89/v89n06
,	     Copper Mountain Multigrid Conference
,	     Euler's Constant
,	     Positions at the North Carolina Supercomputing Center
,	     Numerical Algorithms Papers Database
,	     SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing
,	     Fortran & Pascal for Scientific Computation
,	     Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics
,	     Wilkinson - SIAM Prize 
,	     FAX
,	     Kudos to Bill Gear

file	na-digest/89/v89n07
,	     The 1989 Danish Summer School for Supercomputing

file	na-digest/89/v89n08
,	     Interface of Computing Science and Statistics
,	     NA and Applied Math Positions at Dundee
,	     SIAM Best Paper Competition
,	     Position Available in Bergen, Norway
,	     Householder XI meeting
,	     International Linear Algebra Society
,	     Address Change for Danny Hershkowitz
,	     Workshop on Multidimensional Hyperbolic Problems
,	     The Work of Ron DiPerna
,	     Sweatshop on Computational Issues
,	     Positions at NAS Division of NASA
,	     Technical Reports Available

file	na-digest/89/v89n09
,	     NA and Applied Math positions at Dundee
,	     Conference on Aerospace Computational Control
,	     Bezier Curve Fit
,	     Research Associate at Manchester
,	     Information Requested on "PC Micro-Dif"
,	     Final Program-Complexity Symposium
,	     Fitting of Data Using Two Exponentials
,	     NAG Users Digest Info

file	na-digest/89/v89n10
,	     NCSA (Univ. Illinois) Conference on Parallel and Vector Processing
,	     PDE position at Argonne
,	     Euler's constant
,	     More on Kerner's Method for Polynomial Root Finding
,	     Durand-Kerner's Method.
,	     Kalman Filtering and Quality Control
,	     Chaos on PC's

file	na-digest/89/v89n11
,	     SPIE Conference on Signal Processing
,	     Position with Nova Corporation in Alberta
,	     ICS 89 Registration Information
,	     Journals for Sale
,	     Parallel Computationaal Fluid Dynamics

file	na-digest/89/v89n12
,	     Change of Address for Arthur Wouk
,	     Bibliographies, Troff to Tek
,	     International Linear Algebra Society
,	     Argonne Wilkinson Fellow Named
,	     Program for SIAM Symposium on Sparse Matrices
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     Varga Conference, Final Announcement
,	     Fifth Parallel Circus
,	     Danish Summer School in Supercomputing
,	     Additions/Changes to NA-net 

file	na-digest/89/v89n13
,	     Random Algorithms for Elliptic PDE
,	     Position at Cornell
,	     Perfect Universal Numerical Kernel

file	na-digest/89/v89n14
,	     Vectorized Cyclic Reduction Routines
,	     Registration Fee at Computational ODE Conference
,	     Formation of Numerical C Extensions Group (NCEG)
,	     Mini-Conference on Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Methods
,	     Wanted: Scientific Images and Image Sequences
,	     Extended Precision Inner Products on MC168881

file	na-digest/89/v89n15
,	     Using NA-NET Without "SCORE"
,	     Eigenvales of Band Matrices
,	     Meeting in Hungary sponsored by Bolyai Mathematical Society 
,	     1989 Summer Institute at Cornell
,	     Conference Fee at London ODE Conference

file	na-digest/89/v89n16
,	     Pascal to Fortran
,	     Illinois Alumni at SIAM in San Diego
,	     Wanted: Discrete Fourier Transform Program
,	     Conference on Hyperbolic Problems
,	     Some Challenging ODE's
,	     Need Grid Generation Code
,	     Code to Update LDL' Matrix Factorizations
,	     ICS 89 Program (long)

file	na-digest/89/v89n17
,	     London Conference on Ordinary Differential Equations
,	     Changes and Additions to NA List
,	     Numerical C Extensions Group Report
,	     4th Copper Mountain Multigrid Conf. Proceedings
,	     Multigrid Use Survey

file	na-digest/89/v89n18
,	     Fifth Parallel Circus
,	     Public Domain Software for Karmarkar Algorithm
,	     C Simplex Source Sought
,	     SIAM Conference on Applied Probability
,	     Public Domain IMSL?
,	     Sparse Matrix Symposium -- Driving to Salishan
,	     Positions at CERFACS
,	     Positions at University of Lancaster

file	na-digest/89/v89n19
,	     London Conference on Ordinary Differential Equations
,	     London Conference on Computational ODE
,	     Test Data for Mathematical Functions
,	     Fourth SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing
,	     Validation of Floating Point Operations in C
,	     Numerical C Extensions Group (NCEG) Meeting Report
,	     New Books From SIAM

file	na-digest/89/v89n20
,	      Clarification (London ODE Conference)
,	      Numerical Inversion of a Laplace Transform
,	      LAA Special Issue on Algebraic Linear Algebra
,	      Temporary Position in Chile
,	      Nijmegen Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Conference
,	      Vacancies at RMCS, Shrivenham
,	      New Books from SIAM
,	      Complex Zeros of an Analytic Function
,	      Announcement for Pacific Northwest Region
,	      Position at Bergen Scientific Centre, Norway
,	      IBM Supercomputing Competition

file	na-digest/89/v89n21
,	     Hotels for the ODE meeting in London 
,	     Seeking Block Toeplitz Solver
,	     Help With NAMELIST Under Microsoft Fortran
,	     Stability of Negative Norm Projectors
,	     Fellowship at Sandia National Laboratories
,	     Parallelizing the Simplex Method
,	     Eigenvalues of Diagonally Perturbed Matrices
,	     Average-case Rounding Analysis
,	     Sparse QR Factorization
,	     Forming a MATLAB Users Group
,	     FAX Numbers 

file	na-digest/89/v89n22

file	na-digest/89/v89n23
,	     NA Net Digest Policy
,	     Sparse Convolution
,	     Dynamical Systems Simulation Package Available
,	     Computer Operations Position at University of Utah
,	     Supercomputing Positions at University of Utah
,	     Multivariate Polynomial Interpolation
,	     ISSAC 89 Program

file	na-digest/89/v89n24
,	     NA News Policy on Long Conference Announcements
,	     Solution of Linear Congruence Equations
,	     Stability for Initial-Boundary Value Problems
,	     Scientific Computing/Computational Math/Numerical Science
,	     Linpack-like routines in C
,	     Continued Support for PRC Students/Researchers on NSF

file	na-digest/89/v89n25
,	     Professorship in Trondheim
,	     Freund Wins Award
,	     Mininization Problem
,	     Positions at Bergen Scientific Centre
,	     Vector/Parallel Polynomial Arithmetic
,	     Scientific programming in C++
,	     No NA News Digest Next Week

file	na-digest/89/v89n26
,	     SIAM Conference on Geometric Design
,	     Argonne Summer Institute in Parallel Processing
,	     NAG's Multigrid Routine
,	     max x'Ax+b'x
,	     Colloquium on Applications of Mathematics in Hamburg
,	     Updates to NA-NET Mailing List
,	     New Position for Dongarra
,	     Fellowship at John von Neumann Supercomputer Center
,	     NAG Optimization with Discontinuous Derivatives
,	     Scaling of Condition Number with Resolution
,	     Professorship in Norway
,	     Address Change for Arnold Neumaier

file	na-digest/89/v89n27
,	     Leslie Fox Prize, 1989
,	     Source Code Wanted
,	     PostDoctoral Position at BNL
,	     Software Wanted for Integer Programming
,	     Educational Site Licenses for CLAM
,	     Numerical Analysis Courseware for Mathematica

file	na-digest/89/v89n28
,	     Sixth Parallel Circus
,	     Professorship in New South Wales
,	     Courseware for Numerical Analysis
,	     1989 Bell Award for Perfect Benchmarks
,	     FPS Math Library Publicly Available

file	na-digest/89/v89n29
,	     Positions in Lausanne
,	     New Yorker Articles on Radiation Recommended
,	     Multigrid Routine in NAG 
,	     IBM Supercomputing Contest
,	     Human Rights Violations -- China
,	     Courseware for Numerical Analysis
,	     CERFACS Enlarges Its Computing Base
,	     Golub/Van Loan, 2nd Edition 
,	     Comments on Dundee N.A. Meeting
,	     IMA Computational ODE Meeting
,	     Utah State Miniconference on Nonlinear Systems

file	na-digest/89/v89n30
,	     Householder Prize
,	     Address Change for Ascher
,	     2-D Integral Equations
,	     Attic Numerical Analysis
,	     Positions at University of New South Wales

file	na-digest/89/v89n31
,	     NAG Replies to Proskurowski
,	     Algorithms and Parallel VLSI Workshop
,	     Address Change for Zlatev
,	     Where is George Marsaglia
,	     FFT's for Solving Elliptic Equations

file	na-digest/89/v89n32
,	     Position as Chairman at Illinois
,	     Thank You from Ray Chin at NSF
,	     Birthdays 
,	     Copper Mountain Conference
,	     MATLAB Primer
,	     New Reports from Stanford

file	na-digest/89/v89n33
,	     Correction for Copper Mountain Announcement
,	     First Great Lakes Computer Science Conference
,	     Wilkinson Fellowship at Argonne
,	     Position at Stony Brook
,	     Address Change for Jerzy Wasniewski
,	     SIAG/LA Newsletter: Request for Information
,	     IBM Bergen Active in Environmental Sciences
,	     Symmetric Discretization Problem
,	     Forthcoming SIAM Conferences

file	na-digest/89/v89n34
,	     NSF Division of Advanced Scientific Computing
,	     Householder Fellowship at ORNL
,	     New Telephone Numbers for Princeton
,	     "Last" Loen Conference
,	     Stiff ODE Solver in Pascal
,	     New Yorker Articles on Radiation Dangers
,	     Positions at Bergen Scientific Centre
,	     Temporary Address Change for Ammar
,	     Approximating Dirac Delta
,	     Apollo Version of NAG Library

file	na-digest/89/v89n36
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     Two Computer Algebra Workshops
,	     Manuscript on Fundamentals of Matrix Computations
,	     E-mail Group for Graduate Officers
,	     Simplex Method for Non-linear Optimization
,	     Examples of Applications of Elementary Mathematics
,	     Positions at University of Iowa
,	     NAG Response About Apollo Implementation

file	na-digest/89/v89n37
,	      Checking Positive Matrices
,	      Address Change for Martin Berzins
,	      Address Change of Masaaki Shimasaki
,	      Algorithms for Radon Transforms
,	      CWI-Symposia on Parallel Scientific Computing
,	      Positions at University of Maryland Baltimore County
,	      David Kamowitz
,	      Householder Symposium XI
,	      Positions at RIACS

file	na-digest/89/v89n38
,	     Software for Mixed Integer Programming Problem
,	     Fluid Dynamics Conference at Oxford 
,	     MATLAB User's Group
,	     Generating Eigenvalues in a Particular Order
,	     Out of Core Solvers
,	     Multi-dimensional Quadrature Software
,	     Replacement of EISPACK RSP
,	     Position at Argonne
,	     Positions at Boeing Computer Services
,	     Position at NC State

file	na-digest/89/v89n39
,	     1989 Fox Prize Meeting
,	     Cost of NETLIB
,	     Sparse Eigenvalue Problem
,	     Change of Address for Michael Knorrenschild
,	     Positions at Liverpool in Parallel Numerical Computing
,	     Position at Waterloo 
,	     Fortran 8X
,	     Fellowship at Sandia, Albuquerque
,	     SVD and Signal Processing Workshop
,	     Looking for Sylvester's Equation Solver

file	na-digest/89/v89n40
, is moving
,	     Dongarra's New Address
,	     Positions at University of Utah
,	     Large Dense Linear System Survey
,	     Department Chair Position at NYU
,	     Solving PDEs on the Sphere
,	     CONPAR 90 in Zurich
,	     Panel on Scientific Computing Curriculum

file	na-digest/89/v89n41
,	     Change of Address for Izzy Nelken
,	     Change of Address for Magnus Ewerbring
,	     Change of Address for Bruce Bukiet
,	     Positions at University of Kansas
,	     Visualization and Graphics Symposium
,	     Positions available at NASA Ames Research Center
,	     NSF Phases Out JvNC 

file	na-digest/89/v89n42
, Has Moved
,	     LINPACK Benchmark Report
,	     Kahan Named Winner of Turing Award
,	     New Address for Tom Manteuffel
,	     Student Paper Competition for the Copper Mountian Conference
,	     CRAYFISHPAK Available
,	     SIAM Conference on Dynamical Systems
,	     Positions at The MathWorks
,	     Positions at the University of Florida
,	     Position at the University of Delaware
,	     Position at Iowa State
,	     Position at Drexel University
,	     Position at University of Leeds
,	     Position at University of Queensland
,	     Position at Army Research Office
,	     NSF Program Director Position

file	na-digest/89/v89n43
,	     Two New Versions of FITPACK Available
,	     Mesh Generation for Finite Elements
,	     Electronic Mail Address of P. Deuflhard Changes
,	     IMA Conference on Dynamics & Numerics
,	     SIAM Conference on Discrete Mathematics
,	     Third Joint Europe/U.S. Short Course in Hypersonics
,	     Chair Position at Flinders University
,	     Position at the University of Haifa
,	     Position at Kent State

file	na-digest/89/v89n44
,	     Good Math Software in ADA ?
,	     Navier Stokes for Speech Synthesis
,	     Internet Connection at University of Southwestern Louisiana
,	     Statistics on Number of Papers Published
,	     ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms
,	     Householder Fellowship at Oak Ridge
,	     Positions at Los Alamos National Laboratory
,	     CONPAR 90 / VAPP IV Joint Conference
,	     Moscow Domain Decomposition Conference
,	     Positions at Arizona State University

file	na-digest/89/v89n45
,	     Unsymmetric Eigenvalue Problem
,	     Fortran 77 to C Converter Available via Netlib
,	     International Conference on Numerical Methods
,	     Change of Address for Deepankar Medhi
,	     Kaj Madsen Visiting Multiflow Computer
,	     Positions at Southern Methodist
,	     Group Leader Position at Los Alamos

file	na-digest/89/v89n46
,	     Change of Address for Moler
,	     Some Corrections to EISPACK
,	     SIAM 1990 Annual Meeting
,	     Third European Conference on Multigrid Methods
,	     Positions at University of Alabama at Birmingham
,	     Positions at the University of Kansas

file	na-digest/89/v89n47
,	     7th Parallel Circus
,	     1990 ACM International Conference on Supercomputing
,	     Int. Workshop Algorithms/Architectures
,	     Research Grant/CERFACS
,	     Neural Networks Conference at Wang Institute
,	     Neural Networks Short Course at Wang Institute

file	na-digest/89/v89n48
,	     Request for a "Tough" 2-point BVP
,	     More on Electromagnetic Radiation
,	     Japan SIAM Established
,	     Announcing Sci-Vi Newsletter
,	     Change of address for D. G. Wilson
,	     Address Change for David K. Kahaner
,	     Reports from Stanford 
,	     Scientific Computing / Computational Mathematics at Stanford 
,	     Conference in Finland on Numerical Solution of ODE
,	     IMACS International Conference on Computational Physics
,	     13th IMACS World Congress
,	     Positions at Southern Methodist University
,	     Position at the University of Kentucky
,	     Positions at Australian National University

file	na-digest/89/v89n49
,	     Ad Hoc Shift in EISPACK HQR
,	     Reply to Ferguson on EISPACK HQR
,	     Zeros of Two Variable Polynomials
,	     Netlib Service in the UK
,	     International Linear Albebra Society

file	na-digest/89/v89n50
,	     Nonsymmetric QR in LAPACK
,	     LINC
,	     Netlib in Europe
,	     Season's Greetings from SIAM
,	     .. and from Jerzy Wasniewski
,	     .. and from NA Net News