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file	na-digest/88/v88n01

file	na-digest/88/v88n02
,	                      Department Head at Clemson
,	                      Large eigenvalue problems
,	              Senior Numerical Analyst Seeking Position
,	                Stewart's Temporary Electronic Address
,	                         Position at Bristol
,	                    Golub's New Temporary Address

file	na-digest/88/v88n03
,	                  Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	                      Numerical Software at Cray
,	                     Old "Supercomputer" for Sale
,	                          Change of address
,	                Conference to Honor Werner Rheinboldt

file	na-digest/88/v88n04
,	         Computer Science Openings at the University of Haifa
,	                       "Numerical Recipes" in C
,	              Conference on Signal Processing at Warwick
,	          Conference on Boundary Element Method at Kentucky
,	                    Nondifferentiable Optimization
,	              Legendre Functions of Half-integer Degree
,	                             This Digest

file	na-digest/88/v88n05
,	     Re: Paranoia Results
,	     Re: SIAM Membership List
,	     Re: Numerical Software Tools in C
,	     Positions at Illinois Supercomputing Center
,	     Report on a Conference in Nigeria
,	     Workshop on Large-Scale Optimization
,	     Parallel Research Position in Sweden
,	     A New Numerical Linear Algebra Book
,	     Motorola Manual Published by Prentice Hall
,	     International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems
,	     SIAM Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

file	na-digest/88/v88n06
,	     Re: Paranoia Results
,	     Re: SIAM Membership List
,	     Re: Numerical Software Tools in C
,	     Positions at Illinois Supercomputing Center
,	     Report on a Conference in Nigeria
,	     Workshop on Large-Scale Optimization
,	     Parallel Research Position in Sweden
,	     A New Numerical Linear Algebra Book
,	     Motorola Manual Published by Prentice Hall
,	     International Conference on Hyperbolic Problems
,	     SIAM Annual Meeting in Minneapolis

file	na-digest/88/v88n07
,	     Oops, Two Issues Numbered 5
,	     SIAM SIAG Supercomputing Newsletter
,	     Polynomial Zeros in C
,	     Numerical Analysis Position at Johns Hopkins University
,	     Special Issue of Mathematical Programming
,	     Congratulations Alan George
,	     New Address for Margaret Wright
,	     MILP/MINLP Software

file	na-digest/88/v88n08
,	     New, improved NA-NET
,	     NA-NET statistics
,	     Change of Address for Jim Pool
,	     Special Issue, ACM Transactions on Graphics
,	     PDE solver needed
,	     Format bug in PARANOIA
,	     Triangularization of 2-d Domains
,	     Query about singular forcing functions

file	na-digest/88/v88n09
,	     Happy Birthday, Gene
,	     Workshop at Berkeley's MSRI
,	     Short Term ARO Contracts 
,	     Ardent Computer Announces New Machine

file	na-digest/88/v88n10
,	     Finding Degenerate Eigenvectors
,	     Numerical Analysis Course Numbering
,	     Gateaux
,	     Re: Triangulation of 2-d domains
,	     Request for DAE test problems
,	     Supercomputing '88 Conference

file	na-digest/88/v88n11
,	     Visiting Positions at NTH, Norway
,	     Hankel and Toeplitz Matrices
,	     NATO summer workshops
,	     New Book on Boundary Value Problems for ODEs
,	     Solution of Quartic Equations

file	na-digest/88/v88n12
,	     A Double Series
,	     Fredholm Equations of First Kind
,	     IEEE Floating Point Routines
,	     Bill Pell
,	     SIAM's New Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications
,	     Madison Linear Algebra Meeting/Van Vleck Celebration
,	     Madison Matrix Meeting/SIAM Matrix Journal
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     IMACS Conference on Expert Systems for Numerical Computing
,	     Conference on Iterative Methods for Large Linear Systems
,	     Tromsoe Conference on Vector and Parallel Computing
,	     SPIE Conference on Signal Processing III
,	     Domain Decomposition Workshop
,	-------------------------------------------------------

file	na-digest/88/v88n13
,	     New Editors for LAA
,	     Re-orthonormalization
,	     Signal Processing Workshop at Cornell
,	     Position at Manchester
,	     Defense University Research Instrumentation Program
,	     ANSI C Deadline Nears
,	     Third Parallel Circus
,	     SVD software in Pascal or C

file	na-digest/88/v88n14
,	     Positions at University of Linz, Austria
,	     Jobs at Bristol
,	     Leslie Fox Prize 1988
,	     Constrained Approximation Problem
,	     Using Netlib
,	     AMS Reviews in Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/88/v88n15
,	     Fortran Code Generation by Computer Algebra Systems
,	     Temporary Address Change for Hans Mittlemann
,	     Models of the Human Head or Ear
,	     Transcendental Functions on the 80387
,	     Inverse Square Root of a Matrix
,	     International Conference on Applications of Supercomputers
,	     Floating-Point Indoctrination by Kahan

file	na-digest/88/v88n16
,	     Opening at Digital Equipment Corp.
,	     Gordon Research Conference

file	na-digest/88/v88n17
,	     Factoring an Inverse Toeplitz Matrix
,	     Appeal for Spase Matrix Test Problems
,	     Research Associate Positions at RIACS
,	     More on the Tromsoe, Norway, Conference
,	     "Boundary Element Research" for Sale
,	     Postdoc Position at Cornell

file	na-digest/88/v88n18
,	     Super-Accurate ODE Methods
,	     NA-NET report
,	     Interpolation of Multidimensional Data
,	     Post-Doc Position at University of Washington
,	     Wind Waves
,	     Fast Floating Point Software for Microprocessors
,	     Eigenvalues of Diagonally Modified Matrices
,	     Sabbatical Positions at Bergen Scientific Centre
,	     Position at Western Michigan University
,	     Numerical Analysis Year in Helsinki
,	     Happy Birthday to Van Vleck Hall

file	na-digest/88/v88n19
,	     Re: Fast Floating Point Software for Microprocessors
,	     IMACS World Congress 
,	     Signal Processing Software
,	     Special Issue on Parallel Optimization
,	     Index Issue of Linear Algebra and its Applications
,	     Graduate Assistantships at Utah State

file	na-digest/88/v88n20
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     "Industrial Mathematics" Course in Linz
,	     LISP Matrix Inversion Routine
,	     Deadline for Tromsoe Meeting
,	     Nominations for Wilkinson Prize
,	     Hans Schneider Honored

file	na-digest/88/v88n21
,	     3rd Parallel Circus
,	     Professorship in Lund
,	     Need Sparse SVD Code
,	     LAA Special Issue on Matrix Valued Functions
,	     October Workshop on Iterative Methods
,	     Supercomputing Conference in France
,	-------------------------------------------------------

file	na-digest/88/v88n22
,	          Job at Bath, UK
,	          Hyperbolic conf. 1990 in Uppsala
,	          Linear programming
,	          LAA: new editors
,	          Tromsoe reminder
,	          CERFACS
,	          Toronto ODE Conference
,	          Request for information

file	na-digest/88/v88n23
,	     Conference on Iterative Methods for Large Linear Systems
,	     First SIAG/LA Linear Algebra Prize
,	     Source for DEROOT and ODERT
,	     Winnipeg Numerical Analysis Meeting
,	     NATO Institute on Orthogonal Polynomials
,	     Contributions to Floating-Point Indoctrination
,	     AMS Reviews in Partial Differential Equations
,	     Two Tenured Positions at University of Umea
,	     Minnesota IMA Summer Program on Signal Processing
,	     Conference on Applications of the Connection Machine
,	     Rational Approximation of Floating Point Numbers

file	na-digest/88/v88n24
,	     LOEN II, Report from Tromso
,	     Change of Address for Jim Pool
,	     T3 Technical Word Processing Mailing List
,	     Job opening at IMSL

file	na-digest/88/v88n25
,	     Cornell Workshop in Matrix-Based Signal Processing
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     Almost Incompressible Computational Fluid Dynamics
,	     Re: Rational Approximation of Floating Point Numbers
,	-------------------------------------------------------

file	na-digest/88/v88n26
,	     NSF Program Director in Advanced Scientific Computing
,	     Two Positions at University of New South Wales
,	     SVD Code in C Wanted
,	-------------------------------------------------------

file	na-digest/88/v88n27
,	    NAG Moves to "Wilkinson House"
,	    Workshop on Adaptive Methods for PDEs

file	na-digest/88/v88n28
,	     NA-NET
,	     4th Copper Mountain Multigrid Conference
,	     Symposium on Computer Architecture in Israel
,	     Floating-Point Indoctrination: Final Lecture
,	     Ascher's Sabbatical Year

file	na-digest/88/v88n29
,	    Bob Russell Sabbatical
,	    Soviet Bibliographic Project
,	    SAC-I and SAC-II sought

file	na-digest/88/v88n30
,	     AMS Matrix Short Course
,	     Finite Element Software Needed
,	     Floating-point Software Support Position at Sun Microsystems
,	     Statistical Computing Group in Argentina
,	     Software for PDEs Wanted

file	na-digest/88/v88n31
,	     Precise Origin of Quote
,	     Cubic Spline
,	     Exp Function Needed
,	     Scientific Applications of the Connection Machine
,	     Conference on Iterative Methods for Large Linear Systems
,	     Bergen Scientific Centre Petroleum Competence Group
,	     SIAM Conference on Sparse Matrices

file	na-digest/88/v88n32
,	     National Medal of Science
,	     John Gilbert moving

file	na-digest/88/v88n33
,	     Cellular Automata,PDEs,Boundary Conditions
,	     Franke Joins ONR, London
,	     FFT for IBM PC Wanted
,	     Perturbation of singular vectors
,	     GAMM Conference on CFD
,	     ANSI C - Third Public Review
,	     NATO Advanced Study Institute in Leuven
,	     Program Director Needed at NSF
,	     Congratulations Joe Keller
,	     Differentiation Arithmetic: Examples & applications

file	na-digest/88/v88n34
,	     Changes of Address for Daniel Herschkowitz
,	     Short Term Academic Appointments in Queensland
,	     Position in Zurich
,	     4th Copper Mountain Conference
,	     Hypersonics Conference

file	na-digest/88/v88n35
,	     Thanks from Caviness
,	     Relaxation Time of Markov Process
,	     Block-tridiagonal Toeplitz Matrices
,	     Change of Address for Zlatev
,	     New Version of MACHAR Available
,	     IEEE Computer Special Issue on Visualization
,	     LAA Special Issue on Linear Programming
,	     ISCA '89 Workshops

file	na-digest/88/v88n36
,	     Int. Conf. on Supercomputing 1989
,	     Reciprocal of Complementary Error Function
,	     Sensitivity of Householder Tridiagonalization
,	     Conference on Iterative Methods for Large Linear Systems

file	na-digest/88/v88n37
,	     Backwards Error Analysis and Chaos
,	     Condition Number Estimator for Polynomial Roots Wanted
,	     Position at North Carolina State
,	     Workshop on Adaptive Methods for PDEs
,	     Errata for LAA Index
,	     International Symposium on Numerical Methods in Engineering
,	     Positions at Oklahome State

file	na-digest/88/v88n38
,	     Fourth Parallel Circus
,	     Factoring Polynomials
,	     Position in North Carolina
,	     Riccati Equation Meeting in Italy
,	     Nineteenth Annual USL Mathematics Conference
,	     Dundee Biennial NA Conference 1989
,	     Position in OR at Stanford
,	-------------------------------------------------------

file	na-digest/88/v88n39
,	     Basis for Linear Equalities
,	     Minnesota CS Department Gets New Address
,	     Frontiers of Science Conference Announcement
,	     Position of Department Head at North Carolina State
,	     Junior Positions Available at North Carolina State
,	     NA-Net Introduction

file	na-digest/88/v88n40
,	     Pascal QZ Software Wanted
,	     Basis for Linear Equalities
,	     Conference in Chile
,	     Numerical Expert System
,	     Positions Available at University of Florida
,	     Singularity of 0-1 Matrices
,	     Faculty Position at Cornell

file	na-digest/88/v88n41
,	     Walking Through a Database of Algorithms for Appoximation
,	     IEEE Digital Signal Processing Programs on IBM/PC
,	     Conference on Computational Aeronautical Fluid Dynamics
,	     Senior Position in Numerical Analysis at Delaware
,	     Available Faculty Position at Chapel Hill
,	     Positions at Southwestern Louisiana
,	     Wilkinson Followship at Argonne National Laboratory
,	     Positions Available at the University of Kansas
,	     Field Positions with Ardent Computer

file	na-digest/88/v88n42
,	     The Sixth Texas Symposium on Approximation Theory 
,	     Job opening at IMSL 
,	     Positions at Bergen Scientific Centre
,	     Faculty Positions in Statistics at Temple University
,	     GAMS Software
,	     More About the Catalog of Algorithms for Approximation
,	     London ODE Conference

file	na-digest/88/v88n43
,	     Nonlinear Least-squares Software
,	     Symmetric Circulant matrices
,	     Special Issue of IEEE Computer on Visualization
,	     Fourth Leslie Fox Prize
,	     NA Faculty Position at the University of Toronto.
,	     Positions at University of Tennessee, Knoxville
,	     Supercomputing '88 
,	     Conference on Computational ODEs
,	     Dundee NA Conference Registration Form

file	na-digest/88/v88n44
,	     Who is Working on Moving Boundary Problems?
,	     Representation in Terms of Vertices
,	     Stability of Block Toeplitz algorithms
,	     Knuth's Spectral Test
,	     Loss of Significance Register
,	     Optimal Coefficient Lookup
,	     Special Issue of LAA on Image Reconstruction
,	     GAMM Meeting in Karlsruhe
,	     Conference Announcement
,	     IFIP WG 2.5 Conference Scheduled in 1991

file	na-digest/88/v88n45
,	     Looking for Code for L-p Approximation
,	     New na.<lastname> facility
,	     Re: Knuth's Spectral Test
,	     Positions at SMU
,	     Conference on Computational ODEs
,	     IMA Conference on Signal Processing
,	     LAA Special Issue on Matrix Canonical FOrms
,	     International Linear Algebra Society
,	     Graduate Study at the Courant Institute
,	     Sturm-Liouville Problems
,	     Faculty Positions at Drexel University
,	     Conference to Honor Richard Varga

file	na-digest/88/v88n46
,	     Short Corse in Hypersonics at Air Force Academy
,	     Army High Performance Computing Research Center
,	     Year on Numerical Analysis in Finland
,	     Graduate Study in Numerical Analysis at Maryland
,	     IMA Applied Linear Algebra Year at Minnesota
,	     Maximum Likelihood Programmer Wanted
,	     SIAG/LA Election Results

file	na-digest/88/v88n47
,	     New NA-net members in South America
,	     New Members of NA-net
,	     Fourth Leslie Fox Prize Competition
,	     Changes of Address for Chris Paige
,	     Quadratically Constrained Optimization Question
,	     Effects of Finite Precision
,	     Connection Machine Benchmarks
,	     Position in Linz, Austria

file	na-digest/88/v88n48
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     Manager of Supercomputing Support at Berkeley
,	     Complexity of Approximately Solved Problems
,	     Army High Performance Computing Research Center
,	     Discrete Laplace Transform
,	     Position at the University of Kansas
,	     Software for 8087 Emulation
,	     Visiting Position for a Chinese Numerical Linear Algebraist
,	     Positions at Stanford

file	na-digest/88/v88n49
,	     Peter Lax Honored
,	     Positions at SMU
,	     Conference on Computational ODEs
,	     Finite Element Program Sought
,	     Graduate Study at SUNY, Stony Brook
,	     Postdoctoral Positions at SUNY, Stony Brook
,	     Positions at Rice
,	     Special PDE Year in Australia
,	     More on the Army High Performance Computering Research Center
,	     Position at Bristol 
,	     Where is Roland England
,	     LAA News
,	     European Workshop on Hypercube and Distributed Computers
,	     Positions at Arizona State University

file	na-digest/88/v88n50
,	     Dundee NA Conference Speakers
,	     Computational Mathematics Positions at NIU
,	     Change of address for Martin Berzins.
,	     Position at University of Bristol
,	     Nonlinear Least Squares in MATLAB
,	     LAA Thanks and Greetings
,	     And Finally, A Bidiagonal Matrix

file	na-digest/88/v88n51
,	     ISSAC-89 Conference Announcement
,	     Complexity of Approximating Eigenvalues
,	     Exponential and Logarithm of Power Series
,	     New Address for George Cybenko
,	     Address Change for Sanzheng Qiao
,	     Fourth Parallel Circus
,	     DIMACS and Special Year
,	     Symmetric Band Generalized Eigenvalue Problems
,	     Intnl. Conf. on Supercomputing 89
,	     Simulating Vehicular Motion
,	     RIACS/NASA Postdoc Fellowship in Parallel Processing
,	     Season's Greetings from SIAM