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The Hitachi S-820

Machine type: Vectorprocessor.
Models: S-820/15, S-820/20, S-820/40, S-820/60, S-820/80.
Operating system: VSP/S (IBM MVS compatible) or UXP/M (a Unix variant acquired from Amdahl).
Compilers: Vectorising Fortran 77/VP both under VSP and UXP, C.

System parameters:


Note: and are only given for the largest configuration.

The S-820 has been only marketed in Japan and was as such the predecessor of the current Hitachi S-3000 series. As in most Japanese vector processors, the clock cycle of the scalar processor is two times higher as that of the VPU.

The memory bandwidth is 1 load/store and 1 load pipe per arithmetic pipe set which is fairly good as Japanese vector processors go, but is lower than that in Cray machines (2 loads, 1 store per arithmetic pipe set).
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