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The Hitachi S-3800 series.

Machine type:Vectorprocessor.
Models: S-3800/x60, S-3800/y8z;
Operating system: VOS3/HAP/ES (IBM MVS compatible) and OSF/1.
Compilers: FORT77/HAP vectorising Fortran 77, C.

System parameters:


Note: and are only given for the largest vector processor configuration, the S-3800/480.

The S-3800 is the current top-end system of Hitachi's S-3000 series. Five different models are offered: The 160 and the 260 in which the 260 is simply the 2-CPU version of the the 160. Furthermore, there is a sub-series 180, 280, and 480, of which the 280 and 480 are again 2-CPU and 4-CPU versions of the 180. However, in addition, there is a model 182 with 2 scalar processors and 1 vector processor as is offered in the Fujitsu VPX200 series and for the same reason: context switching delay between jobs should be reduced by this scheme.

The smallest model, the S-3800/160 has 4 multi-functional multiply/add pipes which may deliver up to 8 results per clock cycle. This is equivalent to 4 Gflop/s. In the /180 the number of pipes is doubled to 8 with a corresponding peak performance of 8 Gflop/s. All models feature one or more separate divide pipes. As the multi-headed systems can work in parallel, the top model, the S-3800/480, may theoretically attain a speed of 32 Gflop/s.
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