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The IBM 9076 SP1

Machine type: RISC-based distributed-memory multi-processor cluster.
Models: IBM9076 SP1.
Operating system: AIX (IBMs Unix variant).
Connection structure: Dependent on type of connection (see remarks).
Compilers: XL Fortran, XL C, XL C++.

System parameters:


As a basis for the computational nodes in the SP1 RS/6000 processors with a clock cycle of 16 ns are used. This amounts to a peak performance of 125 Mflop/s per node. The SP1 is configurations are housed in columns that each contain 8 processor nodes. So, eight columns make up a maximal configuration of 64 processors. The SP1 is accessed through a front-end control workstation that also monitors system failures. Failing nodes can be taken off line and exchanged without interrupting service.

There is a choice in the way communication is done: Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, TCP/IP sockets, etc., are all possible. However, it is possible to connect the processors by an optinal high-speed switch with a nominal poit-to-point speed of 40 MB/s. Therefore, depending on the communication type the speed can range from 1--40 MB/s. The high-speed switch has some redundancy built into it for greater reliability.
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