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USA, Japan and Europe

If we focus on Table of chapter where the number of systems installed is given with respect to the different manufacturers in the different continents/countries, we may extract the table 9.3.

77.8%of all supercomputers out of the TOP500 are manufactured in the USA, 20.8%in Japan while only 7 systems (4 from Parsytec and 3 from Meiko), i.e. 1.4%are manufactured in Europe. This stands in contrary to the fact that Europe is playing a strong role in applying supercomputers, and is with 27%even stronger than Japan with 21%. Figure 9.12 again demonstrates the dominance of USA using supercomputers by showing the distribution over the continents.

We should wait and see how the German manufacturer Parsytec who recently incorporated the Power PC-chip of Motorola/IBM into their architecture, will be able to play a significant role in the forthcoming penetration of the commercial market. Both America and Japan protect their own markets quite well; only 8%of the US products are placed in Japan, and only 5%of the Japanese products are installed in the US, while 27%of the American supercomputers are installed in Europe versus 19%of the Japanese.

Additional consideration concerning USA, Japan and Europe is given in chapter 10.2 of this report.


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