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Vector Computers versus MPP

As we expected the vector computers (still) clearly dominate among the 500 most powerful computers with 314 of the installed systems which are 63%(Fig. 9.8 and 9.9). Interesting here is the MPP penetration in the continents as already mentioned in chapter 9.1:

While in the USA vector versus MPP are proportionately already 50:50 and in Europe 67:33, the MPP penetration in Japan is with 88:12 in favour of the vector computer very weak. It looks as if Japan clings heavily to the use of vector computers, an MPP industry is not yet present there. The similarity to RISC microprocessors is evident here, Japan is not present there either and left or rather had to leave this section of the market to the USA.

Viewing the installed performance-again we have to keep in mind the [tex2html_wrap1320] measure of the LINPACK benchmark-the MPP systems are with 43%(Fig. 9.10 and 9.11) already represented worldwide. The MPP computers-if only big equations would be solved-already overtook the vector computers by 59%installed performance in the USA. Europe is below average with 34%while in Japan just 8%of the installed performance are MPP systems.

Table 9.1 and Table 9.2 list the TOP40 vector computer and MPP computer sites.






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