Examples of Block Algorithms in LAPACK

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Examples of Block Algorithms in LAPACK


Having discussed in detail the derivation of one particular block algorithm, we now describe examples of the performance that has been achieved with a variety of block algorithms. The clock speeds for the computers involved in the timings are listed in Table 3.2.


                           Clock Speed
CONVEX C-4640           135 MHz    7.41  ns
CRAY C90                240 MHz    4.167 ns
DEC 3000-500X Alpha     200 MHz    5.0   ns
IBM POWER2 model 590     66 MHz   15.15  ns
IBM RISC Sys/6000-550    42 MHz   23.81  ns
SGI POWER CHALLENGE      75 MHz   13.33  ns

Table 3.2: Clock Speeds of Computers in Timing Results

See Gallivan et al. [42] and Dongarra et al. [31] for an alternative survey of algorithms for dense linear  algebra on high-performance computers.

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