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Recount of the (almost) available systems

In this section we give a recount of all types of systems as discussed in the former section and that are marketed presently or will appear within 6 months from now. When vendors market more than one type of machine we will discuss them in distinct subsections. So, for instance, we will discuss Cray systems under entries, X1 and XD1 because they have a very different structure.

At the time of writing Compaq is now fully integrated into HP. Therefore the earlier Compaq systems are now listed under "HP/Compaq" to distinguish between the Alpha-based product line stemming from Compaq and the PA/RISC-based line originating from HP.

System descriptions of:

The systems are presented alphabetically. The "Machine type" entry shortly characterises the type of system as discussed in the former chapter: Processor Array, ccNUMA, etc.

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