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Run the PBLAS Timing Suite (optional)

Go to the directory SCALAPACK/PBLAS/TIMING.

Type make followed by the data types desired. For the Level 1 PBLAS routines, the timing executables are called xspblas1tim, xdpblas1tim, xcpblas1tim, and xzpblas1tim, and are created in the PBLASTSTdir directory as defined in Likewise, the timing executables for the Level 2 PBLAS are xspblas2tim, xdpblas2tim, xcpblas2tim, and xzpblas2tim. The timing executables for the Level 3 PBLAS are xspblas3tim, xdpblas3tim, xcpblas3tim, and xzpblas3tim. There is one input file associated with each timing executable. For example, the input file for xspblas1tim is called PSBLA1TIM.dat. The input files are copied to the PBLASTSTdir directory at the time the executables are built.

Run the timing executables on the desired platform as analogously described in Section 2.4.

Susan Blackford 2001-08-12