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Run the PBLAS Test Suite

The PBLAS testing executables are created in the PBLASTSTdir directory as defined in By default, these testing executables are copied into the SCALAPACK/TESTING directory. For the Level 1 PBLAS routines, the testing executables are called xspblas1tst, xdpblas1tst, xcpblas1tst, and xzpblas1tst. Likewise, the testing executables for the Level 2 PBLAS are xspblas2tst, xdpblas2tst, xcpblas2tst, and xzpblas2tst. The testing executables for the Level 3 PBLAS are xspblas3tst, xdpblas3tst, xcpblas3tst, and xzpblas3tst. There is one input file associated with each testing executable. For example, the input file for xspblas1tst is called PSBLA1TST.dat. The input files are copied to the PBLASTSTdir directory at the time the executables are built.

For brevity, we shall only list instructions for testing PBLAS executables using MPICH on a network of workstations, and PVM on a network of workstations. Execution instructions for the various distributed-memory computers are machine-dependent.


Susan Blackford 2001-08-12