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PB_CpswapND.c File Reference
#include "../pblas.h"
#include "../PBpblas.h"
#include "../PBtools.h"
#include "../PBblacs.h"
#include "../PBblas.h"
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void PB_CpswapND (PBTYP_T *TYPE, int N, char *X, int IX, int JX, int *DESCX, int INCX, char *Y, int IY, int JY, int *DESCY, int INCY)

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void PB_CpswapND ( PBTYP_T TYPE,
int  N,
char *  X,
int  IX,
int  JX,
int *  DESCX,
int  INCX,
char *  Y,
int  IY,
int  JY,
int *  DESCY,
int  INCY 

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