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file	na1
for	avoiding breakdown and near-breakdown in Lanczos type algorithms
by	Brezinski, Sadok, Zaglia
ref	Numerical Algorithms 1(1991) 261-284
lang	Fortran

file	na2
for	B-nets of box splines on three- and four-directional meshes
by	M.-J. Lai
ref	Numerical Algorithms 2 (1992) 33-38
lang	Fortran

file	na3
for	recurrence relations of biorthogonality
by	Zelia Da Rocha
ref	Numerical Algorithms 3 (1992) 173-183
lang	Mathematica2.0

file	na4-matlab7.tgz
for	regularization of discrete ill-posed problems
by	P. C. Hansen
ref	Numerical Algorithms 46,189-194

file	na4-matlab5
for	Matlab4 variant of numeralgo/na4
ref	Numerical Algorithms 6,1-35
lang	Matlab5, PostScript
size	1.1 MB

file	na4-matlab4
for	Matlab4 variant of numeralgo/na4

file	na5
for	near-breakdown in CGS
by	Brezinski and Zaglia
ref	Numerical Algorithms 7, 33-73
size	235 kB

file	na6
for	integration of infinite oscillating tails
by	Espelid and Overholt
ref	Numerical Algorithms 8, 83-101

file	na7
for	integrations of singular functions over hyperrectangle
by	Espelid and Genz
ref	Numerical Algorithms 8, 201-220

file	na8
for	L_2 reduced-order model problem with fixed denominator degree
by	Krajewski, Lepschy, Redivo-Zaglia, Viaro
ref	Numerical Algorithms 9, 355-377
lang	Matlab

file	na9
for	sin and cos integrals
by	Macleod
alg	rational approximation
ref	Numerical Algorithms 12, 259-272

file	na10
for	polynomial zeros
by	Bini
alg	Aberth's method
ref	Numerical Algorithms 13, 179-200

file	na11
for	box-splines
by	Kobbelt
lang	Matlab
ref	Numerical Algorithms 14, 377-382

file	na12
for	queuing problems
by	Bini and Meini
alg	cyclic reduction
lang	Fortran90
ref	Numerical Algorithms 15, 57-74

file	na13
for	linear-time Legendre transform
by	Yves Lucet
lang	Matlab
ref	Numerical Algorithms 16, 171-185

file	na14.tgz
for	finite elements
by	J. Alberty, C. Carstensen and S. A. Funken
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 117-137   
lang	Matlab 5

file	na15.tgz
for	Shohat-Favard and Chebychev's methods in d-orthogonality
by	Zelia da Rocha
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 139-164
lang	Mathematica 3.0

file	na16.tgz
by	Ricardo D. Fierro, Per Christian Hansen, Peter S.K. Hansen
for	rank-revealing UTV decompositions
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 165-196
lang	Matlab 7.0

file	na17.tgz
by	M. Morandi Cecchi, S. De Marchi, D. Fasoli
for	representing C^1 interpolating surfaces; lagoon of Venice's bed 
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 20 (1999), 197-215

file	na18
for	sparse eigenproblems
alg	variable block Davidson method with deflation
by	M. Sadkane, R.B. Sidje
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), 217-240 
lang	Fortran77
size	772 kB

file	na19
for	ODE initial value problem
alg	sinc indefinite integration, Newton
by	F. Stenger, S.-A. Gustafson, B. Keys, M. O'Reilly, K. Parker
ref	Numerical Algorithms 20 (1999), PP. 241-268
lang	Fortran77

file	na20.tgz
for	multiprecision polynomial rootfinder
by	Bini, Fiorentino
ref	Numerical Algorithms 23 (2000) 127-173
lang	C

file	na21.tgz
for	adaptive monotone rational approximation on finite sets
by	E. H. Kaufman, Jr., D. J. Leeming, G. D. Taylor
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 32 (2003) 1-12
lang	Fortran77

file	na22.tgz
for	UTV Expansion Pack: rank-revealing algorithms
by	Ricardo D. Fierro, Per Christian Hansen
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 40 (2005) 47-66
lang	Matlab 7.0

file	na23.tgz
for	Bezier net of a trivariate four-direction Box-spline
alg	mixed directional difference-summation
by	G. Casciola, E. Franchini, L. Romani.
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), pp. 75-98
lang	Matlab 7.x

file	na24.tgz
for	Fast Moreau Envelope computation
by	Yves Lucet
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), 235-249
lang	Scilab 4.0

file	na25.tgz
for	curve intersection by simultaneous iterations
by	Dario A. Bini, Ana Marco
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), 151-175
lang	Fortran 95

file	na26.tgz
for	Restarted block Lanczos bidiagonalization methods
by	James Baglama, Lothar Reichel
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 43 (2006), 251-272
lang	MATLAB 6.5-7.2

for	total variation image reconstruction via first-order methods
by	J. Dahl, P. C. Hansen, S. H. Jensen, T. L. Jensen
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 53 (2010), 67-92
lang	C and MATLAB 7.5 (or later)

file	na29.tgz
for	Padua2DM fast interpolation and cubature at the Padua points in Matlab/Octave
by	Marco Caliari, Stefano de Marchi, Alvise Sommariva, Marco Vianello
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 56 (2011), 45-60
lang	MATLAB 7.6 and Octave 3.2 

for	smt: a Matlab toolbox for structured matrices.
by	Michela Redivo-Zaglia, Giuseppe Rodriguez
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 59 (2012), 639-659
lang	MATLAB 7.10

file	na31.tgz
for	linear systems with displacement structure
by	Antonio Arico', Giuseppe Rodriguez
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 55 (2010), 529-556
lang	MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b) and C 

file	na32.tgz
for	subquadrature expansions for TSRK methods
by	A. Kvaernoe, J. H. Verner
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 59 (2012), 487-504
lang	MAPLE 14.0
aka	TSRK.tgz

for	range restricted iterative methods for linear discrete ill-posed problems
by	Arthur Neuman, Lothar Reichel, Hassane Sadok
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 59 (2012) 325-331
lang	MATLAB 7.11

for	Connection coefficients for orthogonal polynomials
by	Pascal Maroni, Zelia da Rocha
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 63-3 (2013), pp. 507-520
lang	Mathematica 8

for	nonnegative image restoration by Newton projection
by	Germana Landi, Elena Loli Piccolomini
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 62 (2013) 487-504
lang	MATLAB 7.6

for	meshless finite difference method
by	Slawomir Milewski
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 63 (2013) 107-126
lang	MATLAB 7.7

for	real laplace transform inversion
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 63 (2013) 187-211,571-571
lang	C90
aka	ReLaTive

for	adaptive 2D-BEM
by Aurada,Ebner,Feischl,Fuehrer,Goldenits,Mayr,Praetorius,Ferraz-Leite,Karkulik
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 67 (2014) 1-32
lang	MATLAB 7.4

for	quadrature for high-dimensional singular integrands on simplices
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 70 (2015) 847-874
lang	MATLAB 7.9 R2009b

for	space-time discretization of the heat equation
by	Roman Andreev
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 67 (2014) 713-731
lang	MATLAB 8.0

for	CMRH dense linear systems
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 71 (2016) 383-394
lang	Fortran90, MATLAB 8.0 R2012b

for	systems of polynomial equations
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 71 (2016) 229-244
lang	MATLAB R2012b
aka	BertiniLab

for	infeasible interior-point algorithm for linear programming
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 74 (2017) 967-996
aka	CurveLP-A

for	topological epsilon-algorithms
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 74 (2017) 1237-1260
lang	MATLAB 2010b and 2016a

for	virtual element method
by	Oliver Sutton
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 75 (2017) 1141-1159
lang	MATLAB 9.1

for	RankRev: a Matlab package for computing the numerical rank and updating/downdating
by	Tsung-Lin Lee, Tien-Yien Li, Zhonggang Zeng
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 77 (2018), PP. 559-576
rev	V1.0, December 2016
lang	MATLAB 8.2 (R2013b)

for	AIR Tools II: Algebraic Iterative Reconstruction Methods, Improved Implementation
by	Per Christian Hansen, Jakob Sauer Jorgensen
ref	Numerical Algorithms, 79 (2018), pp. 107-137
rev	V1.0, October 2017
lang	MATLAB 9.0 (R2016a)

for	pqser: a Matlab package for spectral seriation
by	Anna Concas, Caterina Fenu, and Giuseppe Rodriguez,,
ref	Numerical Algorithms
rev	V1.0, September 2017
lang	MATLAB 9.2 (R2017a) Compatible with OCTAVE 4.0 except for the parallel implementation.

for	IR Tools: A MATLAB Package of Iterative Regularization Methods and Large-Scale Test Problems
by	Silvia Gazzola, Per Christian Hansen, James G. Nagy
ref	Numerical Algorithms
rev	V1.0, April 2018
lang	MATLAB 9.3 (R2017b)

for	Quasi-Toeplitz matrix arithmetic: a MATLAB toolbox
by	Dario A. Bini, Stefano Massei, Leonardo Robol
ref	Numerical Algorithms
rev	V1.0, June 2018 
lang	MATLAB R2011b and later