Optional: Testing the NetSolve LAPACK interfaces

A NetSolve-Matlab LAPACK test suite is available with the NetSolve distribution. If the user enabled LAPACK during the configuration phase of NetSolve as instructed in the section called Enabling the LAPACK library in Chapter 13 or hand modified the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/conf/Makefile.$NETSOLVE_ARCH.inc to point to the LAPACK library and BLAS library, and has enabled LAPACK in the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/server_config file, he/she may choose to run this test suite. Note that only a subset of LAPACK is included in the NetSolve distribution. The complete LAPACK library is not included as default numerical software for the server, and must be installed separately. The test suite consists of a set of Matlab scripts that test each of the LAPACK interfaces available in NetSolve. The main script is called lapack_test.m and is located in $NETSOLVE_ROOT/src/Testing/matlab/. To run the LAPACK test suite, type lapack_test at the Matlab prompt.