Optional: Testing the NetSolve BLAS interfaces

A NetSolve-Matlab BLAS test suite is available with the NetSolve distribution, and tests a subset of BLAS routines available in the NetSolve distribution. The user can test the reference implementation BLAS included in NetSolve or he could have enabled an optimized BLAS library during the configuration phase of NetSolve (./configure --with-blaslib=BLAS_LIB) or hand modified the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/conf/Makefile.$NETSOLVE_ARCH.inc to point to the optimized BLAS library. The user must then enable the BLAS in the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/server_config file, and he/she is ready to run this test suite. The test suite consists of a set of Matlab scripts that test each of the BLAS interfaces available in NetSolve. The main script is called blas_test.m and is located in $NETSOLVE_ROOT/src/Testing/matlab/. To run the BLAS test suite, type blas_test at the Matlab prompt.