NetSolve agent and the NWS nameserver, memory and forecast

As previously stated, only one NWS nameserver can exist in an NWS system, and this process must be placed in NetSolve where it will have full knowledge of the computational resources and be visible to all components of the NetSolve system. The Netsolve agent is the ``brain'' of the NetSolve system, knowing how many resources exist and where they are located, and making all decisions on the execution of requests in the system. Moreover, the NetSolve agent is known by all components of the NetSolve system. Thus, the logical choice for the placement of the NWS nameserver is on the NetSolve agent.

The first started agent in NetSolve is called the master. During its initialization, a nameserver and a memory are started. In fact the memory is started for the sake of simplicity. Indeed, the master agent is known by the whole system. It enables each sensor to register and easily store its measurements. Furthermore this scheme avoids unnecessary communication costs. A forecaster process is then started by each agent. It generates information as soon as needed by the agent. Thus, each agent possesses its own forecaster and can deal with client requests. We shall now examine what happens on computational resources.