NWS Components utilized in NetSolve


This process implements a DNS-like directory capability used to bind process and data names with low-level contact information. It knows which hosts are running in the NWS system, and provides a database (name, location, function) for the NWS processes. To ensure that all hosts are known and well-referenced, there must be only one nameserver per NWS system. The address of the nameserver process is the only well-known address used by the system, allowing both data and service to be distributed. All NWS processes must register their name, their location and their function with the nameserver as soon as they are started. One role of the nameserver is to know at any time where is the memory corresponding to a sensor.


The sensor is a monitoring process running on each resource. It periodically measures the workload of the resource and sends this information to the memory process described below. Moreover, it empirically measures the network ``weather'' between a collection of specified hosts. A sensor executes infinitely to provide recent measurements at any time. The earlier the process is started, the more numerous are the measurements and thus the more accurate are the forecasts.


The memory process stores measurements sent by sensors and retrieves measurements for the forecaster. As these measurements represent a key in NWS, they are immediately written to the memory and stored with a time stamp and a value name corresponding to the host/experiment to which they correspond.


The forecaster generates predictions by requesting the relevant measurement history from the memory process. As the measurements are continually updated by a sensor, the most recent data will be available to the forecaster when it makes its request.

A nameserver must be started first in an NWS system, as all other NWS processes depend upon it. After starting the nameserver, memories can then register themselves, and sensor or forecaster processes can be initialized on any host.

The default port numbers reserved for the NWS processes (nameserver, memory, forecaster, and sensor) are specified in the file $NETSOLVE_ROOT/include/nwsutils.h.

The integration of NWS into NetSolve requires the startup of NWS processes, their management and the accurate use of the forecaster. The NWS processes (nameserver, memory, forecaster, and sensor) can be started in various places within NetSolve. We now present our design for the integration and motivate our choices.