Chapter 24. Error Handling in NetSolve

If an error occurs during the invocation of NetSolve, a variety of diagnostic runtime error messages, as well as error codes that can be returned when calling a NetSolve function from the C or Fortran interfaces, are provided. Table 24-1 lists all of the possible error codes that can be returned when invoking a NetSolve function from the C or Fortran interfaces. These error codes are listed in the $NETSOLVE_ROOT/include/netsolveerror.h include file. Each of these return codes has an equivalent runtime error message, also listed in Table 24-1. These runtime error messages are defined in $NETSOLVE_ROOT/src/CoreFunctions/netsolveerror.c. If one of these error messages occurs, the user should first check the agent and server log files, $NETSOLVE_ROOT/nsagent.log or $NETSOLVE_ROOT/nsserver.log, respectively. These files may contain more information to clarify the reason for the error message. Otherwise, the user can refer to Chapter 12 for an explanation of possible causes for specific error messages.

Table 24-1. Error Codes

NetSolveOK0NS: no error
NetSolveNotReady-1NS: not ready
NetSolveSetNetSolveAgent-2NS: NETSOLVE_AGENT not set
NetSolveSetNetSolveRoot-3NS: NETSOLVE_ROOT not set
NetSolveSetNetSolveArch-4NS: NETSOLVE_ARCH not set
NetSolveInternalError-5NS: internal error
NetSolveUnknownHost-6NS: Unknown host
NetSolveNetworkError-7NS: network error
NetSolveUnknownProblem-8NS: unknown problem
NetSolveProtocolError-9NS: protocol error
NetSolveNoServer-10NS: no available server
NetSolveBadProblemSpecification-11NS: bad problem input/output
NetSolveNotAllowed-12NS: not allowed
NetSolveBadValues-13NS: bad input values
NetSolveDimensionMismatch-14NS: dimension mismatch
NetSolveNoSolution-15NS: no solution
NetSolveUnknownError-16NS: unknown error
NetSolveInvalidRequestID-17NS: invalid request ID
NetSolveBadProblemName-18NS: invalid problem name
NetSolveInvalidMajor19NS: invalid major specification
NetSolveTooManyPendingRequests-20NS: too many pending requests
NetSolveFileError-21NS: file I/O error
NetSolveUnknownDataFormat-22NS: unknown machine type
NetSolveInvalidUPFFilename-23NS: invalid upf filename
NetSolveMismatch-24NS: inconsistent object transfers
NetSolveSystemError-25NS: system error
NetSolveConnectionRefused-26NS: connection refused
NetSolveCannotBind-27NS: impossible to bind to port
NetSolveUPFError-28NS: impossible to compile UPF
NetSolveUPFUnsafe-29NS: UPF security violation
NetSolveServerError-30NS: server error
NetSolveBadIterationRange-31NS: invalid interation range
NetSolveFarmingError-32NS: One or more request failed
NetSolveCannotStartProxy-33NS: Cannot start proxy
NetSolveUnknownServer-34NS: Unknown server
NetSolveProxyError-35NS: Error while talking to proxy
NetSolveCondorError-36NS: Condor error
NetSolveCannotContactAgent-37NS: Cannot contact agent
NetSolveTimedOut-38NS: operation timed out
NetSolveAuthenticationError-39NS: Authentication to server failed
NetSolveUnknownDsiFile-41NS: DSI file not found
NetSolveIBPAllocateError-42NS: error in IBP_Allocate
NetSolveIBPManageError-43NS: error in IBP_Manage
NetSolveIBPLoadError-44NS: error in IBP_Load
NetSolveIBPStoreError-45NS: error in IBP_Store
NetSolveDsiEACCESS-46NS: permission denied to DSI file
NetSolveDsiDisabled-47NS: NetSolve not configured with DSI