Chapter 20. Distributed Storage Infrastructure (DSI) in NetSolve

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To Use DSI:


The Distributed Storage Infrastructure (DSI) in NetSolve1.4 is a new feature added to NetSolve. It is a first attempt towards achieving coscheduling of the computation and data movement over the NetSolve Grid. The DSI APIs help the user in controlling the placement of data that will be accessed by a NetSolve service. This is useful in situations where a given service accesses a single block of data a number of times. Instead of multiple transmissions of the same data from the client to the server, the DSI feature helps to transfer the data from the client to a storage server just once, and relatively cheap multiple transmissions from the storage server to the computational server. Thus the present DSI feature helps NetSolve to operate in a cache-like setting. Presently, only Internet Backplane Protocol (IBP) is used for providing the storage service. In the future, we hope to integrate other commonly available storage service systems.