Testing the Unix installation

Testing solely the client software means that a pre-existing NetSolve system will be contacted, possibly the default agent and servers running at the University of Tennessee. That system can be contacted via the host netsolve.cs.utk.edu which should always be running an agent. The step-by-step procedure to test your NetSolve client installation is as follows:

  1. cd NetSolve

  2. make test

  3. setenv NETSOLVE_AGENT netsolve.cs.utk.edu

  4. Test

While the tester is running, it prints messages about its execution. This test tests only the C and Fortran77 interfaces. Details of this process are explained in the following chapters. For more information on the C and Fortran77 interfaces, see Chapter 5. Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 detail how to test the Matlab and Mathematica interfaces, respectively.

If an error is encountered during testing, refer to the Troubleshooting section of the Errata file for NetSolve.