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file	na-digest/90/v90n01
for	     Code Requested for Matrix Factorizations
,	     Public Domain QP solvers Needed 
,	     Rational Approximation Info Wanted
,	     Object-Oriented Programming for Numerical Applications
,	     Generating Eigenvalues in a Particular Order
,	     Change of Address for Stavros A. Zenios
,	     Conference on Hyperbolic Problems
,	     IMSL User Group Conferences

file	na-digest/90/v90n02
for	     New Editors for Journal of Approximation THeory
,	     NCSA Conference on FE Applications in Computational Mechanics
,	     Request for Code to Solve K-shortest Path Problem
,	     Position at Johns Hopkins
,	     Lectureship at University of Durham
,	     Senior Faculty Positions at Univ. of Minnesota
,	     Schittkowski's Test Problems for NLP Codes Wanted
,	     Optimization Problems with Eigenvalue Constraints
,	     Post Doc Research Associateships at NSF
,	     Conference in Italy on Parallel Computing
,	     DMCC5 Conference announcement
,	     SIAM Student Paper Competition
,	     Course on the MODULEF Finite Element Library

file	na-digest/90/v90n03
for	     EISPACK in C
,	     New Phone Number for NASA Ames Research Center
,	     SIAM 1990 Annual Meeting and Short Course
,	     Research Fellowship at Cambridge
,	     CWI-IMACS Symposium on Parallel Scientific Computing

file	na-digest/90/v90n04
for	     SERC Numerical Analysis Summer School
,	     Cluster Analysis Package
,	     Lagrangian Dual Algorithm
,	     Cornell Supercomputing Program for Undergraduate Research
,	     Summer Institute in Japan
,	     Beyer Chair at University of Manchester
,	     Vector Version of Paranoia
,	     Translation of Schwarz Textbook Recommended
,	     Supercomputer Applications Newsletter
,	     Registration Form for Copper Mountain Conference

file	na-digest/90/v90n05
for	     Roommate Needed at Copper Mountain Conference
,	     Liz Jessup Wins Householder Fellowship at Oak Ridge
,	     Barry Smith Wins Wilkinson Fellowship at Argonne
,	     Distance of a Matrix to a Subspace
,	     Numerical Integration Program Wanted
,	     Summer Programs for Undergraduates
,	     Nominations Sought for Fifth Householder Prize
,	     Washington, DC Area E-mailing List
,	     Dr. Zahari Zlatev Visiting Multiflow Computer, Inc.
,	     Conference on Numerical Methods for Free Boundary Problems
,	     SIAM Nordic Section meeting, June 1990
,	     NAG Floating-point Test Package
,	     PCGPAK2 for Solving Sparse Linear Equations
,	     IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis Contents
,	     SIMAX April Contents
,	     Lectureship in Mathematics at Edinburgh University
,	     Chair in Scientific Computing at Umea
,	     Fellowship at Sandia National Labs

file	na-digest/90/v90n06
for	     Who is Cholesky?
,	     Reaction-convection-diffusion code wanted
,	     Hyperbolic PDE's with Nonstandard Boundary Conditions
,	     Position Available at Weidlinger Associates
,	     Hans Lewy Fellowship at LBL
,	     SIAM Student Paper Competition
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Classes
,	     Multigrid Short Course
,	     Symposium on Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient
,	     Vienna Conference 2nd Announcement
,	     Workshop in SVD and Signal Processing

file	na-digest/90/v90n07
for	     Gene Golub Elected to National Academy of Engineering
,	     Responses to "Who is Cholesky?"
,	     Cholesky References in Zurmuhl's Books
,	     Cholesky Biography in Maindonald's Book
,	     Cholesky Eulogy by Benoit 
,	     DC Area E-mail List (Reminder)
,	     Midwest NA Day
,	     Workshop in France on Algorithms and Parallel Architectures
,	     Conference on Volterra and Delay Equations
,	     Summer Course in Switzerland on Parallel Architectures 
,	     Deputy Director at University of Minnesota
,	     Position at Johannes Kepler Universitaet, Austria
,	     Position at Naval Posgraduate School

file	na-digest/90/v90n08
for	     More on Cholesky
,	     I. J. Schoenberg
,	     Routine for Roots of Complex Function Wanted
,	     Looking for Advice on PDE Software/Methods
,	     Ron Mitchell Birthday Issue of IMA NA Journal
,	     SIAM Great Lakes Regional Meeting
,	     IMA Applied Linear Algebra Year, 1991-1992
,	     SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra
,	     Conference on Hyperbolic Problems in Sweden
,	     Conference Announcement -- Parallel CFD 90
,	     Minority Internship at Argonne
,	     Two Faculty Positions in Applied Math or CS at U Tulsa
,	     NA Net Additions

file	na-digest/90/v90n09
for	     A Great Little Book
,	     Oskar Perron
,	     Change of Address of Rolf jeltsch
,	     Parallel Circus
,	     CERFACS Offer for Research Position
,	     Position in Sweden in Computer Graphics and Visualization
,	     IMACS Symposium on Iterative Methods in Belgium
,	     IMACS Conference on Computational Physics in Boulder

file	na-digest/90/v90n10
for	     IMACS Boulder Conference Dates
,	     Pronunciation of Cholesky, Lanczos and Euler
,	     Software for Sparse Eigenvalue Problem Wanted
,	     Functions to Modify IEEE Floating Point
,	     News Reports from Japan
,	     Report from Conference in Nigeria
,	     Symposium Parallel Scientific Computing in Amsterdam
,	     International Conference on Supercomputing
,	     NAG Users Association April Workshop
,	     Position at Scientific Computing Associates
,	     An Interpreted Matrix Language

file	na-digest/90/v90n11
for	     More on Pronunciation of Lanczos
,	     More on Pronunciation of Cholesky
,	     Access to IEEE Exceptions
,	     Jaccard Metric
,	     Positions at ICASE
,	     Positions at Texas A&M

file	na-digest/90/v90n12
for	     Cholesky
,	     Support for Visitors to Japan
,	     Fifth Leslie Fox Prize
,	     Professorship at Deakin University, Australia
,	     Professur C4 Mathematik, Aachen
,	     Postdoctoral Fellowship in Computation and Ground Water Modeling
,	     ICIAM 91

file	na-digest/90/v90n13
for	     Harwell Group Moves to Rutherford
,	     Stanford NA Reports Available
,	     Parallel FORTRAN Users Group 
,	     Midwest NA Day -- Next Saturday
,	     Lanczos Centenary Celebration
,	     Multigrid Short Course in Denver
,	     Training Course in Toulouse, May 2-4, 1990
,	     Latest issue of the IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis
,	     Opportunites at University of Southwestern Louisiana
,	     Lecturership at University of Queensland
,	     MATRIXx Fellowship in Computer-Aided Engineering

file	na-digest/90/v90n14
for	     Registering for the Training Course in Toulouse, May 2-4, 1990
,	     Recent Survey of Unconstrained Optimization
,	     The Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software
,	     Symposia on Parallel Scientific Computing
,	     Summer Course on Parallel Architectures and Applications
,	     Dundee 91 Conference
,	     Position at University of Dortmund

file	na-digest/90/v90n15
for	     Software in NA Teaching
,	     Temporary Address Change for Paul Saylor
,	     New Fax Number for Minnesota CS Department
,	     Software For Generalized Schur
,	     Special Colloqium by Smale at Columbia
,	     Meeting of Japan Information Processing Society
,	     Conference on Computational and Applied Mathematics, Sardinia
,	     Mathematical Modelling in Plasma Physics, Venice
,	     Nordic Workshop on Visualization

file	na-digest/90/v90n16
for	     David Young's Recovery 
,	     E-Letter on Systems, Control, and Signal Processing.
,	     Review of the Seventh Parallel Circus
,	     Finite Element Mesh Generator in MATLAB
,	     Large Dense Linear System Survey Report
,	     Fellowship in Computational Sciences at Sandia, Albquerque
,	     PICL, a Portable Instrumented Communication Library
,	     Symposium on Parallel Optimization 2
,	     New Additions to NA List

file	na-digest/90/v90n17
for	     Report on Midwest NA Day
,	     Request for Interesting ODE Systems
,	     Teaching Laboratories
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     Postdoctoral Fellowship at LBL
,	     Offer to Share MATLAB Programs
,	     Scandinavian Workshop on Algorithm Theory

file	na-digest/90/v90n18
for	     Change of Address for Arthur Wouk
,	     Minimization Subroutines Wanted
,	     A Matrix Equation
,	     Dictionary Covering Numerical Analysis Sought
,	     Scaling, Underflow, and Rank Deficiency
,	     Fortran 8X, C++, or What?
,	     ACM International Conference on Supercomputing 

file	na-digest/90/v90n19
for	     Re: Fortran, C++ or Something Else?
,	     Machine-readable Bibliography Data Bases
,	     Character Arguments in the BLAS.
,	     Eigenvalues of Elliptic Systems
,	     Reports from Stanford 
,	     Monroe Martin Prize in Applied Mathematics
,	     Positions at Numerical Algorithms Group
,	     Interface'91 Preliminary Notice
,	     Advances in Mathematics, Computations, and Reactor Physics
,	     Course on MODULEF Finite Element Library
,	     Second International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics

file	na-digest/90/v90n20
for	     A Notable Anniversary
,	     Special Issue of BIT on Conjugate Gradient Methods
,	     Numerical Analysis Tutorial Program
,	     Machine Readable Bibliographies
,	     Extending the BLAS 
,	     ARO's European Numerical Analysis Activities
,	     Joint Conference on Vector and Parallel Processing in Zurich

file	na-digest/90/v90n21
for	     Sparsenet and SPARSKIT
,	     Unstable Eigenvalue Routines
,	     Quadratic Programming
,	     SISSC Contents, September 1990
,	     NAG Users Group Meeting in Glasgow
,	     Reports from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
,	     Dundee Conference 91
,	     A. R. Mitchell Fund
,	     Position at University of Queensland
,	     Faculty Awards for Women Scientists and Engineers

file	na-digest/90/v90n22
for	     New Address for Philips Research Laboratory
,	     School on Parallel Architectures and Applications
,	     Final program for SPO2, Madison, July 23-25, 1990
,	     The Eighth Parallel Circus
,	     Unstructured Computation on Multiprocessors

file	na-digest/90/v90n23
for	     Interruption of NA Net Services
,	     Addresses for Anne and Nick Trefethen.
,	     Back Issues of Journals For Sale
,	     CAM Conference in Sardinia
,	     NSF/DOE Summer Institute in Parallel Computing

file	na-digest/90/v90n24
for	     Winners of Householder Prize
,	     More About Choleski
,	     Error Bounds for Tensor Splines
,	     Re: "Scaling, Underflow, and Rank Deficiency" and "Extending the BLAS"
,	     ASE 91 Conference
,	     Chair at University of Grenoble
,	     List of Reports on Scientific Computing in Japan

file	na-digest/90/v90n25
for	     SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 
,	     IBM 1990 Supercomputing Competition

file	na-digest/90/v90n26
for	     New book: "A History of Scientific Computing"
,	     Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software
,	     The Australian Journal of Combinatorics
,	     SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis
,	     SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications  

file	na-digest/90/v90n27
for	     NASA Symposium on Parallel Methods in Engineering
,	     Giovanni Sacchi Landriani Numerical Analysis Prize
,	     Third European Conference on Multigrid Methods and Parallel Computing
,	     1991 ACM International Conference on Supercomputing
,	     IMACS Symposium on Iterative Methods in Linear Algebra
,	     SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
,	     Postdoctoral Position at LLNL
,	     Pacific Northwest Numerical Analysis Seminar 

file	na-digest/90/v90n28
for	     Temporary Address Change for Bob Plemmons
,	     Visiting Position at San Diego State
,	     Cheney-Kincaid code in C
,	     New Journal: Surveys on Mathematics for Industry
,	     Householder Conference: An Overview

file	na-digest/90/v90n29
for	     Wavelet Code Availability
,	     New Phone Numbers at Maryland
,	     Second International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics  

file	na-digest/90/v90n30
for	     New Address for Daniel Szyld
,	     Netlib News: Greetings
,	     SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics 
,	     SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/90/v90n31
for	     New Address for Rik Kaasschieter
,	     Change of Address for Henk van der Vorst
,	     Applied and Industrial Mathematics. Venice-1, 1989
,	     Spreadsheet Numerical Analysis?

file	na-digest/90/v90n32
for	     Temporary Address Change for Lothar Reichel
,	     Positions Available at Numerical Algorithms Group
,	     Positions at Weidlinger Associates
,	     CERFACS Short Course on CFD
,	     The Eighth Parallel Circus

file	na-digest/90/v90n33
for	     NA-Day at Stanford
,	     Change of Address for Martin Knapp-Cordes
,	     Temporary Change of Address for Klaus and Alice Peters
,	     Change of Address For Ben Leimkuhler
,	     Change of Address for Michael Berry
,	     1991 Householder Fellowship
,	     Differential Equations Activity in Europe
,	     Special Issue of the Journal of VLSI Signal Processing
,	     NASECODE Conference Announcement
,	     IMACS91 conference announcement

file	na-digest/90/v90n34
for	     Updated NA Net Mailing List
,	     Examples of "Pseudo-eigenvalues"
,	     Changes of Address for Youcef Saad
,	     Textbook Recommendation Sought
,	     New Book on Linear Control Design
,	     First Issue of SIAM Journal on Optimization
,	     Contents: SIAM J. Control and Optimization
,	     ICASE Meeting on Scalable Multiprocessors
,	     ICS'91 Call for Papers
,	     5th Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods
,	     Multigrid Short Course
,	     Is There a "Public Domain MATLAB?"

file	na-digest/90/v90n35
for	     Professor Lothar Collatz
,	     Happy Birthday, Pete 
,	     A Colleague from Kuwait
,	     Recommendations Sought for ODE Codes
,	     Netlib News
,	     New Address for Merrell Patrick
,	     Change of Address for Michael Knorrenschild
,	     Change of Address for Des Higham
,	     Net Address for Morven Gentleman
,	     Changes of Address for Zhiqiang Cai
,	     Call for Nominations for Beale--Orchard-Hays Prize
,	     Applied and Industrial Mathematics 
,	     Positions at University of New South Wales
,	     FORTRAN-SC is available
,	     SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing
,	     Positions at Cray Research, Inc.
,	     MINPACK-2 Positions at Argonne and Minnesota
,	     Fifth Leslie Fox Prize
,	     Positions at Australian National University
,	     Position at EPFL (Switzerland)
,	     Argonne Parallel Programming Class
,	     Fourteenth Dundee Conference

file	na-digest/90/v90n36
for	     NA-DAY at Stanford: Fri Nov 9
,	     Change to Schedule for SIAM November Meeting
,	     Short Course at SIAM Control Meeting
,	     Eurographics '91
,	     SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing for Scientific Computing
,	     Contents of IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis
,	     Contents of SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics  
,	     Contents of SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis
,	     Positions at North Carolina State
,	     Symbolic Computation Position at NCSU
,	     IMA Postdoctoral Fellowships
,	     Research Fellowship at Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque

file	na-digest/90/v90n37
for	     Fast Rotation Scale Problems
,	     Non-smooth Optimization
,	     New Address for Tim Davis
,	     Meeting of the Canadian Applied Mathematics Society
,	     Utah Supercompuging Institutes
,	     Contents, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/90/v90n38
for	     Last Minute Change in SIAM Meeting Program
,	     A Classic Book Republished
,	     New Addresses for Loyce Adams and Randy LeVeque
,	     Positions at Boston University
,	     Open Position at Stanford University
,	     1991 Householder Fellowship at Oak Ridge
,	     Open Positions at NASA Ames Research Center
,	     CTAC91 Conference in Adelaide, 15-17 July 1991.

file	na-digest/90/v90n39
for	     Bristol-Bath Numerical Analysis Day
,	     Positions at University of Iowa
,	     Report from Eight Parallel Circus
,	     Call for Articles for SIAM News
,	     Two Meetings in Barcelona
,	     Automatic Differentiation of Algorithms
,	     SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 
,	     SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 
,	     SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis 

file	na-digest/90/v90n40
for	     Growth Factor Conjecture Disproved
,	     Use of Reusable Code by Numerical Programmers
,	     Position at University of Haifa
,	     Position at University of British Columbia
,	     Fellowship at Sandia National Laboraties
,	     Positions at Manchester University

file	na-digest/90/v90n41
for	     Jeff Speiser
,	     Brent's Directed Rounding
,	     Sparse-BLAS Implementations
,	     Positions at Montana State University
,	     IMACS Symposium on Iterative Methods
,	     Neural Networks Course and Conference

file	na-digest/90/v90n42
for	     Rutishauser's Notes Translated by Gautschi
,	     Trivariate Scattered Data Interpolation
,	     Maryland Technical Reports Available via FTP
,	     SIAG-LA Linear Algebra Prize
,	     IMA Postdoctroages in Industrial Mathematics
,	     World Nonlinear Congress 

file	na-digest/90/v90n43
for	     NA-NET is Moving from Stanford to Oak Ridge 
,	     Minisymposium on Teaching Issues in Linear Algebra
,	     Parallel Random Number Generation
,	     Change of Address for Alice and Klaus Peters
,	     Optimization Methods in Differential Equations and Control
,	     Sparse BLAS1
,	     DOE Computational Science Fellowships Available
,	     Positions at Australian National University
,	     IMA Postdoctorates in Industrial Mathematics
,	     Contents, SIAM Journal on Computing
,	     Contents, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis

file	na-digest/90/v90n44
for	     *** Please send submissions to Oak Ridge, not Stanford ***

file	na-digest/90/v90n45
for	     Biharmonic Equations with Periodic Boundary Conditions
,	     Large Numerical Integration 
,	     Multivariate Polynomial Interpolation 
,	     Conference in New Zeland
,	     NATO Workshop on Numerical Integration
,	     Position at Iowa State
,	     Position Available at Durham
,	     Research Position at Florida State
,	     Season's Greetings

file	na-digest/90/v90n46
for	     New Address for Jerzy Wasniewski
,	     Addresses for Ian Sloan