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# misc/umfpack.tgz    moved to linalg/umfpack.shar

file   besz.c
for    fast zero finder for bessel functions J_nu(x)
lang   c
by     E. Onofri  (onofri@parma.infn.it)
gams	c10a3

file	bitnet
for	a list of bitnet sites.

file blocksolve.tgz
for  BlockSolve is a software library module for solving large,
,    sparse, symmetric systems of linear equations on parallel
,    computers.  The package contains source code, Unix "man"
,    pages and a manual.  To achieve portability, BlockSolve uses 
,    the Chameleon package developed by Bill Gropp and others at 
,    Argonne National Laboratory.  BlockSolve has been tested on the
,    Intel DELTA, the IBM SP series, and a network of Sun
,    workstations, but can be expected to run without modification
,    of source code on other architectures.
,    This file CANNOT be retrieved by email.
by   Mark Jones jones@cs.utk.edu, Paul Plassmann plassman@mcs.anl.gov
contact jones@cs.utk.edu
prec single/double
gams d2b4
lang c
age  research

file	contrib
for	a checklist for netlib contributors

file	dlamch.f
for	determines double precision machine parameters.
gams	r1

file	fft.f
for	yet another fft subroutine, this one from Ferziger's text

file   gmcmc.for
for    GMCMC, General Markov Chain Monte Carlo routine in Fortran  
by     Guthrie Miller, December 28, 2013
lang   fortran

file   gn/GN_ReadMe.pdf
for    The GN (Gauss Newton) algorithm does nonlinear least squares minimization with finite-difference derivatives.  
,      It uses an augmented Gauss-Newton, Levenberg-Marqardt method.  
,      GN README.

file   gn/GN.FOR
for    The GN (Gauss Newton) algorithm does nonlinear least squares minimization with finite-difference derivatives.  
,      It uses an augmented Gauss-Newton, Levenberg-Marqardt method.  
,      The Fortran contains 323 executable lines.
by     Kenneth Klare, Guthrie Miller, February 21, 2013
lang   fortran

file	groups
for	list of people interested in na at various centers.
by	Gene Golub, Stanford
age	old

file    ickp.tar.z
for     for checkpointing programs on the Intel iPSC/2 & iPSC/860
by      James Plank, Princeton University
gams	z

file   instab.tgz
for    Instab is a software package for automatically detecting instability
,      in numerical algorithms. Instab implements functional stability analysis,
,      which uses the relationship between the forward error, the backward error, 
,      and a problem's condition to define a function that estimates a lower bound 
,      on the backward error. The subplex optimization method then maximizes the function. 
,      A numerical algorithm is unstable if the maximization shows that the backward error
,      can become large. Since numerical algorithms are treated as black boxes, Instab
,      normally requires little more than an executable version of a numerical algorithm
,      to determine if it is unstable.
by     Tom Rowan <na.rowan@na-net.ornl.gov>
lang   fortran
size   24K

file	intel/README.txt
for	README for Intel(R) Decimal Floating-Point Math Library

file	intel/IntelRDFPMathLib10U1.tar
for	Intel(R) Decimal Floating-Point Math Library

file	iqpack
for 	Fortran subroutines for the weights of interpolatory quadratures
,      the package is an implementation of the method described in
,      "Calculation of the Weights of Interpolatory Quadratures",
,      J. Kautsky and S. Elhay,  Numer Math 40 (1982) 407-422,
by	S. Elhay, Feb 1988.
gams	h2c
lang	fortran

file	jet-lag-diet
for	Argonne's Anti-Jet-Lag Diet helps travelers adjust to new time zones. 

file    jgraph.readme
gams	q

file    jgraph.tgz
for     program to plot graphs in Postscript
by      Jim Plank, Princeton University
gams	q

file	lis
for     Lis, a Library of Iterative Solvers for linear systems, 
,       is a parallel library for solving linear equations and 
,       eigenvalue problems that arise in the numerical solution 
,       of partial differential equations using iterative methods.

file	machar
for	this program prints hardware-determined
,	machine constants obtained by smchar, a subroutine due to
,	w. j. cody.
,	descriptions of the machine constants are
,	given in the prologue comments of smchar.
,	subprograms called smchar
,	version Fri Oct 25 22:54:26 BST 1985
lang	C
by	Tim Hopkins
,	Computing Laboratory, University of Kent, Canterbury CT2 7NF Kent U.K.

lib	mglab
for	tutorial 1d multigrid
gams	i1b1

file	mpsim
for      Portable (to most UNIX systems) message-passing simulator
,        that supports both C and FORTRAN.  Uses forks and pipes
,        to support up to 8 to 16 processes on UNIX bsd 4.x, SYS V 3.x,
,        DYNIX, Encore, Ultrix, Sun, XENIX, Tek UNIX, 3B2s.  Simulates
,        Intel iPSC/1 and iPSC/2 hypercubes and produces trace file of message
,        events.  Trace-file analyzers produces tabular or graphical
,        summaries.  (Encore and Sequent versions will utilize
,        multiple processors.)
by        Tom Dunigan, Oak Ridge Nat Lab, 2/89, dunigan@msr.epm.ornl.gov
gams	z

file	mus
for	A package for solving two-point BVPs Double precision version 
by        Authors: R.M.M. Mattheij, G.W.M. Staarink.
,        G.W.M. Staarink; Economisch Instituut;  Thomas van Aquinostraat 6;
,        6525 GD Nijmegen; The Netherlands 

file	nanet
for	an introduction to NAnet, after its move from Stanford to ORNL

file	nanet.tgz
for	the software for running the na-net.

file	netlib
for	The source and scripts for netlib.

file	netlib-paper
for	The troff form of the paper describing netlib.

file	nonsymdc
for     This software is a sequential version of a parallel algorithm for
,       computing the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a
,       non-symmetric matrix.  The algorithm is based on a
,       divide-and-conquer procedure and uses an iterative
,       refinement technique.
,       see tennessee/ut-cs-91-137.ps for details on the approach.
by      Jack Dongarra <dongarra@cs.utk.edu>
,       Majed Sidani <sidani@cray.com>

file	randnum-cray
for	vectorised random number generator for the CRAY X-MP.
by	Oscar Buneman, 10/16/86
gams	l6a21

file    rktec.c
for     computes the truncation error coefficients, tecs, of a Runge-Kutta
,       formula, or a pair of formulas, specified in an input file. 
,       Version 2.1
by      Mike Hosea (na.hosea@na-net.ornl.gov) June 6, 1994
gams	i1c

file	slamch.f
for	determines single precision machine parameters.
gams	r1

file	sledge
for	These routines estimate eigenvalues, eigenfunctions and/or
,	spectral density functions for Sturm-Liouville problems.
by	Steven Pruess <spruess@mines.colorado.edu>,
,	Charles Fulton <fulton@zach.fit.edu>
lang	fortran
size	195k

file	sleign
for	eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of regular and singular Sturm-Liouville
,     boundary value problems. The package is a modification and
,     extension of the code developed by Bailey, Gordon, and Shampine,
,     described in ACM-TOMS 4(1978).(Burt Garbow, ANL, 11/29/88)
gams	i1b3
lang	fortran

file    syevj
for     the code implements the accurate symmetric eigensolver 
,       which consist of the symmetric indefinite decomposition 
,       followed by implicit Jacobi iteration.
by      "Dr. Ivan Slapnicar" <islapnicar@uni-zg.ac.mail.yu> , 3 Dec 1992 
gams	d4a1
lang	fortran

file   xplayer.tgz
for    trace2au is a tool that takes trace stream as input and outputs sounds
,      on a Sun workstation.  E.g., can be used with a trace file produced by 
,      picl to identify communication patterns, hotspots, and bottlenecks.
by     Jean Yves Peterschmitt <jypeters@cs.utk.edu> and
,      Bernard Tourancheau <btouranc@cs.utk.edu>
gams	n1, s3

file   trace2au_report.tgz
for	utility for xplayer

file   trace2au_tools.tgz
for	utility for xplayer

file	tymnet
for	list of tymnet numbers around the country.

file    vrend.tgz
for     3-D volume-renderer (using ray-casting); a PVM 2.4 implementation.
by      Hugh Caffey, caffey@tc.cornell.edu Dec 10, 1992
gams	q