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# mglab.for is a tutorial multigrid program.
# It solves elliptic boundary values in one dimension.
# The user may choose various multigrid cycles, transfer operators, smoothing
# methods, and nested iteration end defect correction. Cell-centered and
# vertex-centered discretization and multigrid is included.
# Documentation is included in the program.
# The program is written in portable FORTRAN-77, and has run on MS-DOS PC's
# and Unix mainframes.
# The methods used are fully described in the following book:
# An Introduction to Multigrid Methods, Wiley, Chichester, 1992 by P.Wesseling.

file	mglab.for
for	FORTRAN source of the tutorial multigrid program.

file	mglab.dat
for	example of an input file.

file	mglab.res
for	corresponding output.