Welcome to netlib, a repository of mathematical software, data, documents, address lists, and other useful items. There are mirrors worldwide and an occasional CD-ROM distribution.

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The NA-Digest is a weekly digest of news about numerical analysis.
The former matlab directory is now maintained at
The StatLib collection of statistical software is available from
See also: StatCodes
Another useful netlib-related site (TSPLIB, HPF, PDS,...) is
The symbolic algebra system REDUCE is supported by
The TeX User Group distributes TeX-related software from
The computational group theory system GAP is available by anonymous ftp in pub/gap from,,, and
The Computer Physics Communciations site is mainly for Elsevier subscribers. is an unrelated commercial site for encryption software

As of July 2000, Mohsen Maesumi ( is collecting sites beyond

   Netlib (ornl, bell-labs, na-digest), GAMS, hotGAMs,
   University of Minnesota geometry center,,,
   PSC, NHSE, Softlib,
   Statlib, Statcodes,
   SIAM, AMS, Mathscinet,
   Mathforum, COAP,
   Maple, Matlab, Mathcad, Mathworks, Mathematica, Mathtools.

Background about netlib is in Jack J. Dongarra and Eric Grosse, Distribution of Mathematical Software Via Electronic Mail, Comm. ACM (1987) 30,403-407 and in a quarterly column published in the SIAM News.

To assist in debugging mail problems, to judge popularity of different topics, and to provide the ability to send bug fixes, netlib keeps a record of transactions. This log, with individual's identities obscured, is made available to code authors.

Many of these codes are designed for use by professional numerical analysts who are capable of checking for themselves whether an algorithm is suitable for their needs. Most of the software is excellent, but some items of only historical interest are kept. So be careful! Also, the restrictions on copyright, commercial use, etc. vary; check each directory for details. Our preferred legal notice is short, just enough to protect both authors and users.

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