The main netlib servers are:

Each of these is the master location for some significant part of the collection; a distributed replication facility keeps them synchronized nightly. The server in Tennessee also runs the NHSE and NA-Net.

We don't check on the following mirrors as closely, so please send mail if you operate one not listed or if a listed site has disappeared or fallen out of date.

Said to be dead:

It is fine with us if additional sites mirror us, as long as they stay reasonably current and point to the Tennessee or Sandia sites. There can be compelling patriotic reasons for nations or other large organizations to want to mirror. We try to make this safe and efficient by publishing checksum files; see /netlib/crc/ for details.

Some of the sites provide both ftp and http access. Some servers provide compressed files only, some uncompressed files only, and some provide both. The New Jersey site used to offer tar-on-the-fly, so that you could grab entire directory trees or just portions of a directory starting from a particular subroutine.

If ftp and http are difficult, you may wish to try email...

Since many of the algorithms are too large to transfer reliably as a single message, the reply is sent as self-reassembling Unix shell scripts. If necessary, you can glue the pieces back together manually.

Netlib (other than toms) was available on CD-ROM from a couple companies, but those discs have gone out of print.

Netlib editors