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subroutine chetri2 (UPLO, N, A, LDA, IPIV, WORK, LWORK, INFO)

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subroutine chetri2 ( character  UPLO,
integer  N,
complex, dimension( lda, * )  A,
integer  LDA,
integer, dimension( * )  IPIV,
complex, dimension( * )  WORK,
integer  LWORK,
integer  INFO 


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 CHETRI2 computes the inverse of a COMPLEX hermitian indefinite matrix
 A using the factorization A = U*D*U**T or A = L*D*L**T computed by
 CHETRF. CHETRI2 set the LEADING DIMENSION of the workspace
 before calling CHETRI2X that actually computes the inverse.
          UPLO is CHARACTER*1
          Specifies whether the details of the factorization are stored
          as an upper or lower triangular matrix.
          = 'U':  Upper triangular, form is A = U*D*U**T;
          = 'L':  Lower triangular, form is A = L*D*L**T.
          N is INTEGER
          The order of the matrix A.  N >= 0.
          A is COMPLEX array, dimension (LDA,N)
          On entry, the NB diagonal matrix D and the multipliers
          used to obtain the factor U or L as computed by CHETRF.

          On exit, if INFO = 0, the (symmetric) inverse of the original
          matrix.  If UPLO = 'U', the upper triangular part of the
          inverse is formed and the part of A below the diagonal is not
          referenced; if UPLO = 'L' the lower triangular part of the
          inverse is formed and the part of A above the diagonal is
          not referenced.
          LDA is INTEGER
          The leading dimension of the array A.  LDA >= max(1,N).
          IPIV is INTEGER array, dimension (N)
          Details of the interchanges and the NB structure of D
          as determined by CHETRF.
          WORK is COMPLEX array, dimension (N+NB+1)*(NB+3)
          LWORK is INTEGER
          The dimension of the array WORK.
          WORK is size >= (N+NB+1)*(NB+3)
          If LDWORK = -1, then a workspace query is assumed; the routine
              - the optimal size of the WORK array, returns
          this value as the first entry of the WORK array,
              - and no error message related to LDWORK is issued by XERBLA.
          INFO is INTEGER
          = 0: successful exit
          < 0: if INFO = -i, the i-th argument had an illegal value
          > 0: if INFO = i, D(i,i) = 0; the matrix is singular and its
               inverse could not be computed.
Univ. of Tennessee
Univ. of California Berkeley
Univ. of Colorado Denver
NAG Ltd.
November 2011

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