HeNCE (Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment)

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Note: the HeNCE binary distribution has been discontinued because most of them were out of date. The source code and documentation still exist at this location because of their historical value. However, since the HeNCE project was a research project rather than a development project your mileage may vary.

HeNCE (Heterogeneous Network Computing Environment) is an X-window based software environment designed to assist scientists in developing parallel programs that run on a network of computers. HeNCE provides the programmer with a high level abstraction for specifying parallelism. HeNCE is based on a parallel programming paradigm where an application program can be described by a graph. HeNCE graphs are variants of directed acyclic graphs, or DAGS. Nodes of the graph represent subroutines and the arcs represent data dependencies. Individual nodes are executed under PVM. HeNCE is composed of integrated graphical tools for creating, compiling, executing, and analyzing HeNCE programs. HeNCE relies on the PVM system for process initialization and communication. The HeNCE programmer, however, will never explicityly write PVM code. During or after execution, HeNCE displays an event-ordered animation of application execution, enabling the visualization of relative computational speeds, processor utilization, and load imbalances.

Through HeNCE a scientist can easily decompose existing C or Fortran source code into pieces which can be executed in parallel over an existing collection of workstations or supercomputers. This approach allows the programmer to reuse existing programs and extract unused performance out of existing computers.

HeNCE also supports the graphical configuration of PVM hosts, assists in the generation of architecture-dependent object modules, and contains provisions for task scheduling based on user supplied cost matrices.

For further details about HeNCE, see the the HeNCE Users' Guide. Questions or problems regarding HeNCE should be sent to hence@cs.utk.edu.

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