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file	readme
for	overview of hence
file	hence1.4.tgz
for	HeNCE source code (supports either pvm2.4.2 or pvm3.x)
size	1.8 megabytes

file	hence-1.4-changes
for	changes from version 1.3 to 1.4 of HeNCE

file	read-me.pvm3
for	notes on HeNCE 1.4 support for pvm3

file	hence1.3.tgz
for	HeNCE source code
size	1.8 megabytes

file	1.3-to-1.3.1.patch
for	patches to allow HeNCE 1.3 to compile/run on SGIs & PMAX w/Ultrix 4.3

file	hence-1.3-changes
for	changes from version 1.2 to 1.3 of HeNCE

file	faq
for	answers to frequently asked questions about HeNCE

file	buglist
for	known bugs in the current release of the HeNCE
,	 Please check here before reporting a bug.  When reporting a bug
,	 give explicit steps which will reproduce the bug.  Also include
,	   o the machine type you are running on (vendor, model),
,	   o the operating system version (ie ULTRIX V4.1),
,	   o the Version of X windows (R4, R5, IBM's...), and
,	   o the window manager you're using

file	porting-status
for	list of machines HeNCE 1.4 runs on (last update: May 16 1993)

file	hug.ps
for	The HeNCE User's Guide
lang	PostScript form
size	540 kilobytes
,	This version of the HeNCE User's Guide has been reformatted to
,	make it easier to print on postscript printers with limited memory.

file	hug.tgz
for	unencoded source code for HeNCE User's Guide (XNETLIB USERS ONLY)

file	sc91.ps
for	paper from Supercomputing 91 describing HeNCE
lang	PostScript
size	756 kilobytes

file	sc91.tgz
size	49 kilobytes

file	short.ps
for	short description of HeNCE
lang	PostScript

file	short.ps.z.uu