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# The files here comprise a version of EISPACK that has been tuned to
# take advantage of the cache, the vector registers, and the vectorizing
# compiler of the IBM 3090-VF.  Some of these files were not modified at
# all (from the original EISPACK versions), but are included here for
# completeness.

lib	paper
for	description of changes to eispack
by	Cline and Meyering

lib	single
prec	single
by	Cline and Meyering

lib	double
prec	double
by	Augustin Dubrulle

# Thus to get the file double precision vectorized tql2 subroutine, say
#      send tql2 from eispack/3090vf/d.
# To get the corresponding single precision, say
#      send tql2 from eispack/3090vf/s.
# Because the code contains a few IBM-specific constructions not understood
# by the compiler here, netlib can not provide its customary dependency
# analysis.  So you have to ask for each subroutine individually.  For a
# list of subroutines, see the index for (standard) eispack.
# Patches posted to the na-digest have been applied to the appropriate
# files.  For details, "send changes from eispack/3090vf/s".
#     A. Cline and J. Meyering, "Converting EISPACK to run efficiently on
#          a vector processor", Tech. Memo., Pleasant Valley Software,
#          Austin TX, 1989.
#     A.A. Dubrulle, "A version of EISPACK for the IBM 3090VF", TR G320-3510,
#          IBM Scientific Center, Palo Alto CA, 1988.