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# The files in this directory comprise a version of double-precision
# EISPACK that has been tuned to take advantage of the cache, the vector
# registers, and the vectorizing compiler of the ibm 3090-vf.
# This version is the work of Augustin Dubrulle of IBM's Palo Alto
# Scientific Center.

# For more details, see the paper by Cline and Meyering in the
# directory, ../paper.


file	bakvec.f

file	balanc.f

file	balbak.f

file	bandr.f

file	bandv.f

file	bisect.f

file	bqr.f

file	cbabk2.f

file	cbal.f

file	cdiv.f

file	cg.f

file	ch.f

file	cinvit.f

file	combak.f

file	comhes.f

file	comlr.f

file	comlr2.f

file	comqr.f

file	comqr2.f

file	cortb.f

file	corth.f

file	csroot.f

file	dsc16.f

file	elmbak.f

file	elmhes.f

file	eltran.f

file	epslon.f

file	figi.f

file	figi2.f

file	hqr.f

file	hqr2.f

file	htrib3.f

file	htribk.f

file	htrid3.f

file	htridi.f

file	imtql1.f

file	imtql2.f

file	imtqlv.f

file	invit.f

file	kachel.f

file	minfit.f

file	ortbak.f

file	orthes.f

file	ortran.f

file	pythag.f

file	qzhes.f

file	qzit.f

file	qzval.f

file	qzvec.f

file	ratqr.f

file	rebak.f

file	rebakb.f

file	reduc.f

file	reduc2.f

file	rg.f

file	rgg.f

file	rs.f

file	rsb.f

file	rsg.f

file	rsgab.f

file	rsgba.f

file	rsm.f

file	rsp.f

file	rst.f

file	rt.f

file	svd.f

file	tinvit.f

file	tql1.f

file	tql2.f

file	tqlrat.f

file	trbak1.f

file	trbak3.f

file	tred1.f

file	tred2.f

file	tred3.f

file	tridib.f

file	tsturm.f