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file	thesaurus.html
for	vocabulary for attribute/value pairs used in netlib index files
by	Eric Grosse

file	ericjack.html
for	another key file associated with indices...who to blame!

file	mirrors.html
for	official netlib mirror sites

file	moremirrors.html
for	informal netlib mirror sites

file	compression.html
for	background and how-to advice on .Z and .gz files in netlib

file	gams
for	classification of numerical software
by	Boisvert and others

file	gams.html
for	GAMS problem taxonomy

file	reports
for	listing of ftp sites for technical reports
editor	Eric Grosse

file	journals
for	listing of electronic journals in scientific computing
editor	Eric Grosse

file	gvl.bib
for	Golub and Van Loan, "Matrix Computations", 2nd Edn.
size	203 kB
by	Charles Van Loan, Chris Paige and Clement Pellerin

file	stewart-bib
for	matrix bibliography
by	Pete Stewart
size	772 kB
see	(includes almost all the material in bib/gvl.bib and more)

file	stewart-prog
for	extracting sub-bibliographies from stewart-bib
by	Pete Stewart
lang	C

file	ovr.bib
for	Parallel and Vector Numerical Algorithms
by	Ortega, Voigt and Romine
size	443 kB
#	Probably best to coarse search by email, as in
#	mail
#	send golub from linalg.

file	ovr-strings
for	journal abbreviations used in "find ... from linalg"
by	Ortega, Voigt and Romine

file	acm.bib
for	Collected Algorithms of the ACM
lang	BibTeX
by	Rice, Hanson, Hopkins, Morse

file	ipmbib.bbl
by	Eberhard Kranich
for	"Interior Point Methods for Mathematical Programming: A Bibliography".
,	Formerly called intbib.bbl; citation keys now begin with "ipm:".
,	Send comments to (Eberhard Kranich).
size	680 kB

file	ipmbib.tex
by	Eberhard Kranich
see	ipmbib.bbl

file	ipmbib.bib
for	ipmbib.bbl
by	Eberhard Kranich
lang	(big) BibTeX
size	820 kB

file	all_brec.readme
for	Automatic Differentiation -- notes on bibliography
by	George Corliss

file	all_brec.tex
for	typesetting all_brec.bib
by	George Corliss

file	all_brec.bib
for	Automatic Differentiation database
by	George Corliss
size	279 kB

file	origami.fmt
for	bibliography on paper folding
by	Friends of the Origami Center of America

file	origami.db
for	awk'able version of origami.fmt

file	keywords
for	searching netlib by keyword
by	Eric Grosse
size	1.7 MB

file	libraries
for	cryptic listing of netlib directories

file	combline.c
for	converts paragraphs into lines, for convenient grep searching
,	undo by "tr '\015' '\012'
by	Eric Grosse

file	cite.tex
for	sample file to use with gvl.bib

file	siam
for	author, titles from SIAM journals

file	changes

file	evdv
for	reference from the book Concurrent Scientific Computing,
by	Eric F. Van de Velde, Number 16 in Texts in Applied Mathematics,
,	Springer-Verlag 1994.