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4 France

France is ahead in the number of installations 24 (last year 23) not in tex2html_wrap_inline156 compared to UK. They use medium size machines, the fastest keeps rank 92. As in UK mostly Cray, IBM and SGI computers are installed, Cray (9, 59 Gflops/s), Fujitsu (1, 6 Gflops/s), IBM (5, 18 Gflops/s), Intel (1, 12 Gflops/s), Meiko (1, 3 Gflops/s), SGI (6, 18 Gflops/s) and TMC (1, 8 Gflops/s). Even in France the trend to SMPs is growing, away from vector machines. The distribution of machines is quite interesting and very different to UK. Only 2 computers can be found in academia, 23 in different research institutes and 9 in industry. Nearly every section is represented, aerospace, automotive, tires and electricity - just as one expects in industrial usage.
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