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3 United Kingdom

This year UK fall back in the number of systems, only 17 instead of 25 last year. Here only Cray (6, 111 Gflops/s), IBM (4, 13 Gflops/s), Intel (1, 3 Gflops/s) and SGI (6, 18 Gflops/s) can be found. But on the other hand they have installed very powerful machines. Number 1 and 2 in the European list are installed on the island, Cray T3D with 320 and 256 processors, they also can use three Cray C916. There is a big discrepancy between a few top-level machine, then there is a big gap and then starting from rank 300 smaller machines. Only geophysical firms use TOP500 machines, again aerospace and automotive industry is missing.
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