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How to get the PARKBENCH Report and Benchmarks

An up-to-date copy of all the PARKBENCH material is available from netlib. The index of material available may be obtained in several ways:

(1) From any machine on the internet type:

        rcp index

(2) Anonymous ftp to

                    cd parkbench
                    get index

(3) Sending email to and in the message type:

              send index from parkbench

(4) Use Xnetlib and click "library", click "parkbench", click
      "parkbench/index", click "download", click "Get Files Now".
      (Xnetlib is an X-window interface to the netlib software
      based on a client-server model. The software can be found 
      in netlib.)
The required material can then be obtained with a further "get".

The latest version of this PARKBENCH report that is available for public electronic distribution can be found in the file The various benchmarks will appear as compressed and uuencoded tar files as they become available. A collection of other benchmarks are also available, and the index adequately explains their content.
Tue Nov 14 15:43:14 PST 1995