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Available scientific software

In this part of the article, lists about the availability of commercial packages are given. It has to be remarked that these lists don't tell anything about the quality of the implementations. Such an information could only be given if software-benchmarks for each package would be available. These benchmarks should be generally agreed upon in the user community and should be large enough to really stress actual supercomputers. As indicated in the previous section, such a benchmark is e.g. available for crash-codes.
The lists are based on information from system- and software-vendors. There is no guarantee for completeness.
The first characteristic property for structuring the software lists is the memory-organisation. We put the Fujitsu VPP in the shared-memory and the Convex SPP-1000 in the distributed-memory list, although a clasification is not really clear for these two machines.
The lists are further subdivided into a chemistry, structural mechanics and CFD part.

Available software is marked with a '*', software which is actually being ported is marked with the month of availability or with '+', if there is no fixed date.
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