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The Cray Research Inc. CS6400

Machine type: RISC-based shared-memory multi-processor.
Models: CS6400.
Operating system: CRS-OS (Sun-like Unix).
Compilers: Fortran 77 , C, C++.

System parameters:


The Cray Research Inc. CS6400 differs from the other shared-memory models in that it does not have vector processors. Instead, it contains up to 64 ``SuperSparc +'' processors that should deliver a nominal peak speed of 60 Mflop/s per processor.

The system is of the symmetric multi-processing type as on the Silicon Graphics Challenge and Power Challenge systems. This means that synchronisation of processors is done via the memory, which is relatively slow.

The CS6400 is usually used as a throughput machine or as a database server for which is has good characteristics. The employment for compute intensive work as a parallel system is less common.
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