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The Cray Computer Corporation Cray-3

Machine type: Shared-memory multi-vectorprocessor.
Models: Cray-3.
Operating system: UNICOS (CCC's Unix variant).
Compilers: Fortran, C.

System parameters:


Cray Computer Corporation (CCC) has been established by Seymour Cray to build the Cray-3, of which the first stages were done under the wings of the mother company, Cray Research Inc. It was decided that it was too much of a burden to develop two independent high-end product lines, the Cray Y-MP and the Cray-3. So, CCC split off and took then available Cray-2 with it as a marketable product. As might be expected the Cray-3 is reminiscent to the Cray-2. There are notable differences however: As in the Cray-2 there is a foreground processor which performs system tasks, I/O handling, and synchronisation of the background processors, the vectorprocessors proper. The maximum number of processors has grown from 4 to 16 in the Cray-3 and clock cycle is halved from 4 to 2 ns. The Cray-3 relies heavily on the use of GaAs components (CCC is with Convex the only company who actually uses these) to be able to condense the components to such an extent that the required clock cycle speed can be sustained.
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