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The Meiko i860 Computing Surface 1

Machine type: RISC-based distributed-memory multi-processor.
Models: Meiko CS-1.
Operating system: Internal OS transparent to the user, SunOS (Suns Unix variant) on the front-end system.
Connection structure: Multistage crossbar.
Compilers: Fortran 77 and C with extensions.

System parameters:


Note: and are given for a 64 procesor machine.

The i860 Computing Surface is a hetergenous processor machine. It uses i860, SPARC, and Inmos T800 processors in one system. Other processors could in principle be added. Although the T800s can be used for computation, they usually will be used as communication engines between processor boards. The Computing Surface system needs at least one SPARC processor which acts as a host. Furthermore, boards can be put in system cabinets (either for 10 or for 40 boards) that each contain 2 i860 processors, two T800s (called Network Interface Processors in this context), 64 KB of on-board cache and up to 32 MB of memory per board. The Computing Surface Network has another 2 MB of buffer memory on board. Meiko contends that any mix of the three types of boards can be configured and no upper limit for configurations is given. Therefore, no peak performance is given in the list above.
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