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Overview on the different computer families in the TOP500

In detail we can see 103 different models in the TOP500 which are shown in Chapter 3 in table 3.3 together with their performance. We can group these models in the 30 families shown in Table 4.1 sorted by their numbers of entries in the TOP500. In Table 4.2 we show them sorted by their accumulated [tex2html_wrap3956]. You can derive the numbers of MP vector computers and MPP systems from this list quite easily. These numbers and their relative ratios are discussed in detail in the following chapters of this report.



To get a more detailed view of the distribution of different systems in the TOP500 we show the position of the different classes and families in Figure 4.2 for MP vector computers versus MPPs, in Figure 4.1 for the different vector families and in Figure 4.3 for the different MPP families. The position of a system within the TOP500 is marked by a black line, so you can identify the distribution over the complete list easily.




We see that there is no strict relationship between families with a higher number of entries (see on top of the graphs) and higher performances (see on left of the graphs). But there is a tendency for such a correlation.

In the case of MP vector machines (Figure 4.1) the Cray YMP is clearly dominating the TOP500 as a working horse. Following the leading families of the competitors Fujitsu (VP200) and NEC (SX-3), the C90 already has a quite good position which is especially due to the 14 full size machines installed.

In the case of MPP (Figure 4.3) the systems CM5 of Thinking Machines and Paragon XP of Intel show up on top as well as on the left of the graph. The KSR1 also has quite a lot of entries and slightly outranks even the Paragon XP. But the KSR1 is lacking high end installations as well as performance data for their biggest machines. Also for the high end Paragon XP systems performance informations were missing when we compiled the second TOP500, which is the basis for this report. In the meantime we received data for the Paragon XP.

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