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# Index for alliant/quad

file	makefile.1
for	Makefile.1 is the makefile for the program testp.f which tests the 
,	subroutines dqk15, dqk21, dqk31, dqk41, dqk51, dqk61 with the CNCALL
,	directive inserted to allow concurrent calls to the external function
,	to be integrated. I used four different functions provided by the 
,	subroutines testf1 testf2 testf3 test4 which must be compiled with 
,	the recursive option. The functions to be integrated and the
,	corresponding intervals of integration are as follow:
,	-1: sin(x)                on [0, 314.14159];
,	-2: exp(x)                on [0, 1];
,	-3: sqrt (abs (x-.2345))  on [0, 1];
,	-4: 1+x**2+1/(1+100*x**2) on [-1, 2].

file	makefile.2
for	Makefile.2 makes the executable for the adaptive quadrature. The test
,	program is called dquad.f and uses one the external functions as 
,	before.

file	dqag.f

file	dqage.f

file	dqk15.f

file	dqk21.f

file	dqk31.f

file	dqk41.f

file	dqk51.f

file	dqk61.f

file	dqpsrt.f

file	dquad.f

file	fdump.f

file	j4save.f

file	s88fmt.f

file	testf1.f

file	testf2.f

file	testf3.f

file	testf4.f

file	testp.f

file	xerabt.f

file	xerctl.f

file	xerprt.f

file	xerror.f

file	xerrwv.f

file	xersav.f

file	xgetua.f