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file	benchmark
for	Contains Alliant specific standard benchmarks.
by	David Krowitz 11/17/86 mit-erl!mit-kermit!

file	v2d
for	V2d is a demo program originally written by Jim Rees to
,      show how an Apollo network could get transparent file access 
,      to any BSD 4.2 system running TCP/IP.

file	users
for	List of people on the mailing list.

file	sendrec
for	package which converts Apollo binary data file (REC file types) 
,        to Alliant binary format data files which can be read with an 
,        unformatted Fortran READ statement on the Alliant and vice-versa 
,        (ie. it will convert Alliant format files for reading on an Apollo).

file	shar
for	does the same function as your BUNDLE shell script, but is more 
,       extensive. It adds in some error checking and can handle packing 
,       entire directories into an archive file for mailing out over the 
,	network. This file was created by the command 'shar shar.dir'. 

file	mm
for	Simple matrix-matrix multiply that runs fast on the Alliant.
by	Jack Dongarra and Dan Sorensen, 1/26/87.

file	lu
for	LU decomposition with partial pivoting designed to run fast on the Alliant.
by	Dan Sorensen, 2/18/87.

file	compress
for	a utility which can save a considerable amount of disk space. 
by	David Krowitz, MIT 2/11/87

file	vtu
for	This program reads the VAX/VMS DCL command procedure and converts the 
,	DCL commands to the equivalent C Shell Script commands that run under 
,   	the ALLIANT CONCENTRIX operating system which is a Berkeley Unix 4.2 
,	system.
by	Glen D. West, May 23, 1987

file	libcray.tgz
for	This gzipped tar file contains the source code (and test
,	routines) for the Cray Compatibility Library (libCRAY.a).  
,	 libCRAY.a is a set of routines for Concentrix V3.0 that give
,	the same multiprocessing capability for fortran and C programs
,	on the Alliant FX/8 as the Cray Research multiprocessing
,	 library (eg, tskstart, lockon and evpost) on the Cray X-MP.
by	Mark Seager, Oct 8, 1987

file	makemake
for	A utility to generate automatically the makefile needed to build
,           the executable image of a fortran application program to be run on
,           an ALLIANT computer.
by	 Dick Hessel, Oct 16, 1987 

lib	quad
for	A subset of the quadpack routines optimized for the alliant. To get the
,      index use "send index from alliant/quad".  The complete non-Alliant 
,      versions are available via "send index from quadpack"
by	 Dick Hessel, Oct 16, 1987 

lib	ode
for	A subset of the odepack routines optimized for the alliant. To get the
,     index use "send index from alliant/ode".  The complete non-Alliant 
,     versions are available via "send index from odepack"
by	 Dick Hessel, Oct 16, 1987 

file	screen
for	is a virtual terminal manager for people with regular terminals (folks
,       too poor to buy Sun's for every programmer).  It lets you have multiple
,       independant sessions, each on it's own full size screen.  It's very 
,       useful, seemingly bug free, and we use it here quite a lot.
by	Patrick Wolfe <pwolfe@KAI.COM> Nov 1987

file	vgrindefs
for	additions for Alliant fortran
,       Appending this to your /usr/lib/vgrindefs file allows you to
,       use "vgrind -lf" on your *.f files.  Nothing fancy.
by Wed Apr 20 18:06:01 1988

file	vmstapes
for	Here is a program for reading VMS backup tapes on BSD4.2 systems
,         which I got from the comp.sources archive on For
,         some reason people keep sending us data on VMS backup tapes as
,         a "standard" distribution method!
by	David Krowitz   (