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Matrix Home Pages

Each matrix and set in the Matrix Market has a ``home page'' in HTML format. For matrix sets the home page provides general information such as the application domain, contributor, accession date, and references. A link to a compressed tar file containing all the matrices in the set is provided. In addition, the identifier, title and size of each matrix in the set is then listed, along with a thumbnail sketch (i.e., a small file in GIF format) that indicates the nonzero structure of the matrix. Clicking on the matrix identifier or thumbnail retrieves the home page for that particular matrix.

The home page for an individual matrix provides detailed information about the particular matrix, including its type (e.g., real unsymmetric, real symmetric positive definite, complex Hermitian, pattern symmetric), its overall structure (e.g., sparse, banded, block tridiagonal), storage mode (e.g. sparse assembled, sparse elemental) and number of rows, columns and nonzeros. In addition, a GIF image providing a more detailed view of the nonzero structure is provided; clicking on this image retrieves another image at a finer level of detail. The page allows readers to download the matrix as a compressed file in either Harwell-Boeing exchange format or in coordinate text format. An example is provided in Figure 4.

Figure: A matrix home page

The matrix and set home pages are automatically generated by a Perl script which processes information from the Matrix and Set databases.

Jack Dongarra
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