ScaLAPACK  2.0.2
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igerv2d_.c File Reference
#include "Bdef.h"
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void Cigerv2d (int ConTxt, int m, int n, int *A, int lda, int rsrc, int csrc)

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void Cigerv2d ( int  ConTxt,
int  m,
int  n,
int *  A,
int  lda,
int  rsrc,
int  csrc 

Definition at line 4 of file igerv2d_.c.

 *  Prototypes and variable declarations
   void BI_ArgCheck(int, int, char *, char, char, char, int, int, int, int,
                    int *, int *);
   MPI_Datatype BI_GetMpiGeType(BLACSCONTEXT *, int, int, int,
                                   MPI_Datatype, int *);
   void BI_Unpack(BLACSCONTEXT *, BVOID *, BLACBUFF *, MPI_Datatype);
   void BI_Srecv(BLACSCONTEXT *, int, int, BLACBUFF *);
   void BI_UpdateBuffs(BLACBUFF *);
   BLACBUFF *BI_GetBuff(int);
   int BI_BuffIsFree(BLACBUFF *, int);
   int tlda;
   int ierr;
   MPI_Datatype MatTyp;
   extern BLACBUFF BI_AuxBuff, *BI_ActiveQ;

   MGetConTxt(Mpval(ConTxt), ctxt);
#if (BlacsDebugLvl > 0)
   BI_ArgCheck(Mpval(ConTxt), RT_RV, __FILE__, 'a', 'u', 'u', Mpval(m),
               Mpval(n), Mpval(lda), 1, Mpaddress(rsrc), Mpaddress(csrc));
   if (Mpval(lda) < Mpval(m)) tlda = Mpval(m);
   else tlda = Mpval(lda);
   ctxt->scp = &ctxt->pscp;

   MatTyp = BI_GetMpiGeType(ctxt, Mpval(m), Mpval(n), tlda,
                            MPI_INT, &BI_AuxBuff.N);
   BI_AuxBuff.Buff = (char *) A;
   BI_AuxBuff.dtype = MatTyp;
   BI_Srecv(ctxt, Mkpnum(ctxt, Mpval(rsrc), Mpval(csrc)), PT2PTID, &BI_AuxBuff);
   if (BI_ActiveQ) BI_UpdateBuffs(NULL);

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